Hedy Survey a Crock of Crap

Hedy Survey
No doubt some of you have received a request for a survey response from Hedy. She sounds like a long lost friend. If you think the survey is one page, think again. It is mostly designed for multi-national corporations opening offices in Taiwan. By the way, that’s not me.
My closing remarks after many factious answers is as follows:

You sound like we are old friends yet I do not recall ever meeting you. I answered the stupid survey that has little to do with even nothing so you can plug your data into some databank that makes everything look rosy.
I return to my original posture. Why worry about expat businesses when babies are hungry and old women are lieing prostrate upon the ground begging for a few NT for their one meal for the day.
Now, I just spent 1 hour answering your ridiculous questions that were obviously designed for people other than myself. By the way, you owe me 1,000 NT for my time. (just kidding) Instead of your money, I will take my 1,000 NT and buy some food for some hungry babies and mamas and papas.!,000 NT will go along way toward an empty stomach I return to my basic premise of American’s doing business in Taiwan. First, I will feed the hungry, 2nd, put a roof over the homeless, and also try to make a profit when the important things are done.
Now you know me.
Dr. C. A. Grider