HeHuanShan in the winter

Anybody here ever hiked HeHuanShan in the winter, to the top, when there is snow up there? Is it do-able, or are there too many Yeti, abominable snowmen, and snow leopards up there at that time of the year?

I haven’t climbed it in the winter, but I pushed my baby to the top in her stroller a couple of months ago. Without snow it’s only about 2 hours roundtrip from the trailhead (up a steep cement access road that’s closed to public vehicles), so it’s not a himalayan trek but perhaps you might need crampons if the road’s covered with ice and snow (and you’ll definitely want chains for your vehicle). In the US one can rent crampons at various outdoor stores; I don’t know if one can do so in Taiwan.

Getting up the hill would be no problem – the road goes nearly to the top. Problem is that when there’s snow, every Tom Dick and Harry decides they want to drive up to see the snow. Absolutely no winter driving skills, so if there’s any ice or snow on the road, you can expect hours and hours of waiting as car after car slides and blocks the road.

Thanks Sandman and Mother Theresa. A friend wants me to join him specifically in the winter. I’ll make certain it’s on a weekday, as I can imagine the traffic.