Heinz Mayonnaise - other imported goods

Hi All thanks for the suggestions, although quite a well establish cook making mayo isn’t one of my strengths, so i went out and bought a small jar from one of the international shops “Delicious food and gourmet” so we will see how that pans out. The main reason i was looking for Heinz is that is is closest to German Mayo that i have found!

So next item if you can help, Pre made Yorkshire puddings? Mini ones after being inspired by the GBB we are holing a Party on Saturday so thought i might try this our with Beef Stew with mash in a mini Yorkshire but Don’t really want to make the Yorkshires (firstly buying that pan is complicated and secondly i am super lazy), anyone seen them around in the shops of taiwan?

Now that is very optimistic. I’ve never seen pre-made yorkshires in Taiwan, good luck!

I recall trying to explain yorkshire puddings once to some Taiwanese friends, they were completely bewildered.

hahahaha most people coming on to this party are taiwanese so it will be interesting to see what their reactions are and if they try to use chopsticks to eat it!

Based on a sample size of one, Taiwanese don’t like Yorkshire puds. That was in the UK, never seen em here.

I thought they had Heinz in Carrefour? In the foreign-food area, though I’m not 100% sure. We have a food processor at home, so making mayo takes 3 minutes and maybe 15 Taiwanese dollars at the most.

It’s surprising how many Forumosans seem to be making mayonnaise at home. Where do people find the time?

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Put one egg, some oil and a pinch of salt in the food processor, turn the machine on, done >_>

Yorkshire pudding with roast beef. God I’m hungry now.

a little off topic but is there anywhere in taipei that does good authentic English food?

But then you’ve got to wash up the food processor and store the excess mayonnaise…

I get that it’s probably easier than most people realise, and maybe the home-made stuff tastes better too. I just didn’t realise it was a thing that people actually did. I thought mayonnaise was like cornflakes or tomato ketchup and everyone just bought it.

BabyBlatter, you actually ask a very good question. And since you ask, yes, many of us make our own (you name it). How do we find the time? Another good question.

Some of us don’t watch TV (I haven’t owned one in more than 2 decades). That means that the additional ‘down time’ from avoiding passive entertainment involves relaxing yet productive things like spinning, knitting or weaving, dyeing fibers or cloth, making food like bread from scratch, making yogurt, cheese and ice cream, making homemade sauces (hummus, pizza or pasta, ketchup, cocktail or chili sauce, red pesto, green pesto, tomato, mayo etc.), making tortillas, gardening to raise organic veggies and so on.

I’ve become addicted to homemade tortillas! Ever since I’ve started making them at home, we have them at least twice a week. Costs next to nothing and takes very little time.

Fair play for having the knowledge and skills to do/make all this stuff. Apart from not having the time (or energy), I wouldn’t have a clue.

But it sounds like you have even less time to make mayonnaise than I do. Just buy a jar and put your feet up for it a bit. Take it easy.

You’re right in that I watch to much TV. I identify more with Homer Simpson than Ned Flanders.

i love making things from scratch but it takes me an age. corn tortillas are the best, they don’t even take that long. i will try to remember to bring my tortilla press back with me next time i go home.

the last time i bought mayo i had to treck to the nearest jasons to find it. recently they have opened a new jasons quite close to me. but it appears to be a smaller shop with less variety and no mayonaisse. not even any cadburys chocolate. basically it has the same shit you can find in any supermarket but more expensive. kind of annoying.

Hi All,

So much to my Surprise home made Yorkshire puddings where a bit of a hit among my taiwanese friends, of course i showed them how to eat them properly with Home made Beef Bourg and Mash potatoes.

i actually found that Ikea has many items you cannot find in local stores for baking and cooking (like the muffin tin i bought) or similar but much cheaper!

I have another strange question has anyone ever seen Black Garlic oil on sale anywhere or is there a different name for it in Taiwan? i have asked many people but unsure of whether to buy or again another one you have to make at home?

Never even heard of it. Happened to come across a recipe, looks easy

If it’s Japanese I’d check the more Japanese-focused supermarkets like City Super or the one in Breeze Center.

I feel like there has to be Japanese specialty stores in Tienmu, but I can’t think of any.

Yeah i looked in City Super and it does look simple but from what i read it can go terribly wrong and taste awful as well might give it ago, but yes this would be for tonkostu ramen.

thank you again.

How wrong can you go burning garlic :slight_smile: I’m guessing the stirring is the key there.

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I want this. I tried some suggestions for mayo on this board and others but it just doesn’t come out like hellman’s.
I’ll take a local alternative, but the local alternatives use milk even through they say vegetarian. The did not say vegan.
Suggestions please. I have an allergy flarup that make me have a reaction to all animal protein.
BTW: If you have an allergic reaction to food such as seafood. Avoid eating all animal protein for a few days. I did not follow that advice.
Now give me my freaking mayo so I can enjoy salad sandwiches. I really only liked the sandwiches because of the mayo anyway.

Costco usually has a big jar of mayo called kirkland brand that tastes suspiciously like Hellmann’s and is a fraction of the cost of mayo at the upscale grocers. I never can finish the jar but it is still cheaper than buying tiny jars. I did find a good sized jar of Hellman’s at Jason’s on Anhe Road. Some of the French brands are good.