Heinz Mayonnaise - other imported goods

Hi all, New to Taipei was wondering if anyone knew where to buy if possible Heinz Mayo? Where is the best shops for Imported goods also? I know carrefour have a good selection but does anyone know any better places?

Not sure if you’ll find Heinz. If it has to be Heinz, I’d check Wellman’s in Tienmu. I’ve seen Best Foods at times which is much the same and may even be the same firm. Costcos often carry a similar product, I think Best Foods too. Carrefour has a house-brand French one which I rather prefer and comes in small jars. I’m sure you’ll find some acceptable option at supermarkets like Jason’s or City Super.

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking of. It’s Hellman’s on the east coast.

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I like the Costco brand of mayo especially for things like potato salad. Tastes like Hellman’s. I cannot never finish a jar before it goes bad just because of the sheer size of it. It is still so much cheaper than buying lots of little jars and the taste is right.

Try the Japanese brand Kewpie. Awesome stuff.

I agree with Tempo Gain – see what Carrefour has in smaller jars. Or Mayfull, actually. More reasonable sizes and reasonable prices. Or make your own, extremely simple although not pasteurized.

Hi All thanks for the suggestions, although quite a well establish cook making mayo isn’t one of my strengths, so i went out and bought a small jar from one of the international shops “Delicious food and gourmet” so we will see how that pans out. The main reason i was looking for Heinz is that is is closest to German Mayo that i have found!

So next item if you can help, Pre made Yorkshire puddings? Mini ones after being inspired by the GBB we are holing a Party on Saturday so thought i might try this our with Beef Stew with mash in a mini Yorkshire but Don’t really want to make the Yorkshires (firstly buying that pan is complicated and secondly i am super lazy), anyone seen them around in the shops of taiwan?

Now that is very optimistic. I’ve never seen pre-made yorkshires in Taiwan, good luck!

I recall trying to explain yorkshire puddings once to some Taiwanese friends, they were completely bewildered.

hahahaha most people coming on to this party are taiwanese so it will be interesting to see what their reactions are and if they try to use chopsticks to eat it!

Based on a sample size of one, Taiwanese don’t like Yorkshire puds. That was in the UK, never seen em here.

I thought they had Heinz in Carrefour? In the foreign-food area, though I’m not 100% sure. We have a food processor at home, so making mayo takes 3 minutes and maybe 15 Taiwanese dollars at the most.

It’s surprising how many Forumosans seem to be making mayonnaise at home. Where do people find the time?

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Put one egg, some oil and a pinch of salt in the food processor, turn the machine on, done >_>

Yorkshire pudding with roast beef. God I’m hungry now.

a little off topic but is there anywhere in taipei that does good authentic English food?

But then you’ve got to wash up the food processor and store the excess mayonnaise…

I get that it’s probably easier than most people realise, and maybe the home-made stuff tastes better too. I just didn’t realise it was a thing that people actually did. I thought mayonnaise was like cornflakes or tomato ketchup and everyone just bought it.

BabyBlatter, you actually ask a very good question. And since you ask, yes, many of us make our own (you name it). How do we find the time? Another good question.

Some of us don’t watch TV (I haven’t owned one in more than 2 decades). That means that the additional ‘down time’ from avoiding passive entertainment involves relaxing yet productive things like spinning, knitting or weaving, dyeing fibers or cloth, making food like bread from scratch, making yogurt, cheese and ice cream, making homemade sauces (hummus, pizza or pasta, ketchup, cocktail or chili sauce, red pesto, green pesto, tomato, mayo etc.), making tortillas, gardening to raise organic veggies and so on.

I’ve become addicted to homemade tortillas! Ever since I’ve started making them at home, we have them at least twice a week. Costs next to nothing and takes very little time.