Helicopter crash in Wulai

Anyone know the exact whereabouts of this?

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I doubt they’ll reveal the location for the time being.

Fake news…

Faked the crash and defected to China.

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That blackhawk crash landed somewhere in Wulai.

It is reported that everyone aboard has now been rescued.

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8 dead, including 沈一鳴


Black hawk down

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Head of the military’s dead.
Suspicious timing anyone?


A bit, but we live in an era where some people believe Epstein killed himself, and I’d say this being an accident in far more likely.


that wreck looks absolutely insane. i dont even understand how a black hawk could wind up like that unless doing a straight on nose dive.

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By the way, this is the 7th Sikorsky UH series helicopter to crash in Taiwan.

Previously there have been 4 Sikorsky UH-70 Bluehawk rescue helicopters and 3 Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawks crashed here in Taiwan.


This article shows the area where the helicopter went down:

It’s full of relatively small peaks that look like mountains covered in a soft forest, but they’re actually vertical rocks with a thin layer of green stuff growing on them. I didn’t read the cause of the emergency landing, but on those mountains there are not many areas where you can really land, you just go down and keep rolling. Feelsbadman.


Went down in the Tonghou area, know it well. All they know is the bird suddenly went down fast. The air force has already admitted the condition of the hawk wasn’t great. For fuck’s sake. Round up the usual suspects.

Is that code for “we didn’t bother maintaining it properly”?

Rotorcraft are inherently hazardous. You’d think they would have given it a quick once-over and an oil change now and then.


The Republic of Chabuduo


A relative is an NCO in the Air Force. He says there’s a serious lack of people wanting to sign up. I think I’m starting to understand why.

eeks. Quite the toll. Were any of them operated by the military?

Taiwan has about 60 of them. They were planning to buy another 30, not sure how far they’ve got on that.

were any of the crashed birds military?

Of the 60 purchased, about half were given to two search and rescue units. This is the second fatal military black hawk accident. Although, the first one was also conducting an emergency civilian transport when it went down. It was attempting to get someone with a medical emergency from Ponso no Tao to surgery in Taitung in horrendous weather.

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