Helicopter crash in Wulai

Hopefully they’ll shell out for the maintenance plan this time.

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Note to self: do not get into a helicopter in Taiwan.

What if it’s coming to rescue you off the side of a mountain? :thinking:


Taiwan top general killed in helicopter crash

Caveat: Unless absolutely necessary.

What if my rescue chopper crashes? Oh, cruel fate, what great irony!

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I knew a paratrooper who prayed his parachute would open each time. He said they were in bad shape.

Balanced budget doesn’t mean squat if you can’t maintain your military.

Hey did you hear? Taiwan’s top general killed in helicopter crash.

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You don’t put ‘top’ people in the same object that flies!

There’s a short sci-fi story with a premise somewhat similar to Idiocracy. The entire world is populated by stupid people, apart from a small clique of intelligent rulers whose main job is to clean up the mess caused by the hoi polloi. The opening scene is a newsreader reporting on a maritime disaster: a rescue ship is sent out to pick up the survivors, but someone forgets to shut the doors (or something) and the crew of the rescue ship are all drowned as well.

Anyone recognise that description? I’m annoyed that I can’t remember the title/author.

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The end of the movie ‘The Wall’ is striking, rescue helicopter flies in and never flies out again.



Don’t they all do, in all armies, at all times?

'mericans: "The risers swung around his neck, connectors cracked his dome, Suspension lines were tied in knots around his skinny bones; The canopy became his shroud; he hurtled to the ground.
And he ain’t gonna jump no more.

Nazis: “Nose-dive from 100 meters, from the old JU52, with closed parachute towards the ground, then you’ll rest forever”

Three days? :thinking:

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This was another recent local Blackhawk crash.

This is all over CNN and fox news.

National 3 days of mourning with flags at half staff is customary. 3 days off campaign is a sign of respect.

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Nothing wrong with a show of respect, but three days seems excessive, especially this close to the election.

Well when you have a healthy lead in the polls and if someone does something else then only makes them look bad so really an easy call.


Do you really think it will make difference?

Edit: yeah, maybe not for her, but it may be an impact on local candidates that were counting on her taking part in their events.


Good point, especially when the legislature is in play.