Helicopter crash in Wulai

Han has also cancelled his campaign for today and tmr.

The funny part is, nobody has stopped working on the campaign. The candidates are publicly giving their respects.

The campaigns are still running full-steam and people are still working behind the scenes. They maybe even working harder while they have this break to get more focused and strategize.

How are you watching Fox news? It’s been taken off cable. Channel 558 is gone

He’s in the U.S.

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I considered that but wanted to keep the outrage of losing fox news going

yes and fly your top military man in it???

Foxnews.com. I don’t have a TV.

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There was a 50% chance he’d made it to Yilan.

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If she sticks as much as a toe outside, they -meaning the press, her enemies, etc- will tear her to pieces, all starting with «how can you be so disrespectful?». Most of all, took her a huge effort to get on the Armed forces good side, and finally, this was a major loss of a big ally.

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A day of mourning should be sufficient. Any criticism of her for that just comes off as a partisan attack.

Seems the ones that died were sitting in the front. There are but scraps left of the helicopter. The bodies have been transferred to the mortuary, accompanied by their families.


Do black hawk helicopters have bad safety record? Seems they crashed a bunch of them.

They have a bunch of them. It is like crashing a Toyota.

Ummmm. The front is for the drivers. Behind them are two rows of seats 4ish across facing opposite directions total of 8 if flying safe with belts which they probably obviously will do with seniors inside.

Unless someone else said just make it happen the way we want it to happen.

Two pilots - dead

Front row for VIPs: dead

Next to the door VIPs: dead

Another row: right side, dead, left, one alive

Last row: survivors

As per TV news

And as said It looks like they put the helicopter through a shredder.

I read somewhere helicopters doesn’t really like mountain terrains that well. Something about weird turbulence that tends to make it lose control and crash. Like if you are hovering too long it causes helicopters to crash, and if you are hovering you’re supposed to move the helicopter side to side ever so slightly to prevent dangerous conditions.

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The really sad part. The opposition will come out and talk about the bad current Administration and then will turn into a terrible war of political words about a situation where people have lost loved ones.

So far Tsai has a pretty good job managing such situations. I suspect she will do the same in this situation. She will show compassion and not attack but the opposition will attack and make themselves look bad.

They were making that a discussion point at at least two talk shows. That this tragedy should not be used for political ends. They also pointed out that both Tsai and Han’s statements about the accident are measured and according to the gravitas of the situation.

Chen Shui-bien has already started saying Han’s words were not appropriate. Seems Han will take 2 days off and his fellows will not stop. PTT is ablaze with rumors… Sigh…

I wonder if it’s true. I also heard the black hawks don’t do well in this humidity. Lots of mechanical issues.

Fucking crazy news shows just talkin talkin talkin bullshit. Why don’t they show respect for the dead people and their families.

Terrible disgusting people that can stand up on TV in public and do anything other than show condolences and care and respect.

When someone asks about courtesies of Taiwan, ask them to watch TV then you realize courtesy can become worthless in Taiwan.