Hello Kitty Liquor

Hello Kitty flavored wines and maybe other things at Poya. Didn’t know that was even a thing.


That can’t be right.

Stay safe, Kitty. And don’t accept drinks from strange men.


You’d have to drink a lot of Bud to black out…

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It’s the whiskey chasers that do it.

I did have a tasty lychee flavored drink last night. Pretty tasty. But I would have drawn the line at Hello Kitty

Read the box. Wines. One is 10% alcohol.

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Here are the clear pictures.

Hello Kitty alco pops. Makes sense, really. Marketing dept. had a brainstorming session.

FIFY :sunglasses:

If anyone wants to try it, I got some.

I never did understand this long standing hello kitty thing that is aimed for kids but also always aims for drunks and sluts. Ita wierd. Totally Japan.

Ps. The alcohol is normally always shit, just the factory struck a deal to put a childrens sticker on the bottle. My wife likes kitty too. So we often have a bottle or 2 of something kicking around…yuck. Good excuse to buy more booze though…

Those three martini lunches are where all the best ideas come from.