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Since this topic proved to be quite a popular one, we decided to dedicate a special section to “Teaching in Taiwan”! Looking forward to some informative and constructive discussions. Have fun!

I am looking at schools to come teach English at this coming year and I was wondering if anyone knew anything on the following two:
Key West American School
being a teacher for Milton Publishing.
Anyone hear anything on either?
Any advise is appreciated!

havent heard of these two schools…however, i can ay that you might as well come here FIRST and check them out…you literally can arrive and find work the same day…bring your diploma

i wouldnt sign a contract from overseas to teach in taiwan though…“agents” cant really be trusted and signing for a chain school might give your comfort at home but when you discover how low the pay is when you arrive, you’ll be kicking yourself!

Totally agreeing with the previous reply. Come here, then get a job. For the first-timer this sounds crazy, possibly even terrifying. But truly it is the only way to find the “right job” and not get yourself into any sticky contract situations.

I did this a few years ago. I knew nobody in Taiwan, nor did I even know where I was going to live when I got there. After spending a few days wandering around Taipei, familiarizing myself with the city, meeting other teachers and ex-pats, I began asking questions. Most were very helpful in guiding me, a few even offering to take me along to their schools and introduce me.

I decided to not teach kindergarten or elementary school, so I didn’t get full-time work right away. But through others and the help of newspapers and online posting boards I found a lot of privates and had a 30-hour week scheduled after only 10 days being there. Of course, had I decided to go with a school and teach kids it could have been a matter of 3-4 days before I was working full-time.

I’m departing for Taiwan again very soon. What I’ve done for the past few weeks is check online postings, contact agencies and companies, and make contacts with prospective employers via phone and/or email. Already I have a long list of places hiring and a good idea of where I will look after arriving. A good suggestion, hope it helps!