Helmets: LS2, Icon, or a couple others - where to find?

Revzilla’s head shape search filter recommends the following brands for what I’m guessing to be my head shape (which happens I think to be the furthest from the typical asian shape possible) of ‘long oval’:

-Icon (many)
-LS2 (many)
-AGV (6)
-Fly Racing Street (3)
-Arai (2) / Signet-X Striker & Signet-X Gamma
-Nexx (1)

Of these brands the only one I’ve seen before here is Arai. Has anyone seen any of the others here before in Taoyuan/Taipei area? Preferably Icon or LS2 it would seem.

I cannot comment on the brick and mortar stores in the North, because I live in the central part of the island (where I definitely cannot find these brands, or at least, their long oval, or even oval models).

However, I wound up putting together an order for a ton of gear from FC-Moto out of Germany. Their prices were very competitive, much cheaper than Revzilla and Fortnine, and the shipping was reasonable enough (~$1000 NT).

If you go down that route, I’d recommend picking up more gear than a helmet to spread out the shipping cost and make it more worthwhile, but anyway, a good-fitting helmet is priceless.

How do you make sure it’s a good fit if you order online?

I had familiarity with the brand and read through, literally, hundreds of reviews to ensure that the shape/sizing were maintained across years/models.