Help. 二輪片(er4lun2pian4) - second round

This could count as learning Chinese OR English…

Now I know what ‘erlunpian’ is because I always went to the erlunpian theater in Taiwan and back home. I just don’t know the English for it. Taiwanese are always asking me how to say it in English. I’m sure everyone’s been to or heard of these theaters that play the older movies that are not playing in ‘normal’ theaters, but are not quite out on dvd yet. Is there even a word for it in English? It feels like I should know it…but i don’t. =(

It might be better to write the characters in the post as opposed to the subject line of your post. Anyhow, it would seem to me that the theater with the name 二輪片 would be a place showing second run movies. It would be the kind of place showing movies that aren’t the newest releases, but would be cheaper.

I was also going to suggest “second run” - “second-run cinema” or “second-run movie theater” (British and American English respectively).

There is one close by where I live - the Dynasty Theater (Chaodai Da Xiyuan) - click on the “Nook Cafe” link in my signature - the Dynasty Theater is marked on Nook Cafe’s location map.