Help a hermit


Recently I’ve been very shut-in to the point of feeling quite unhealthy and a bit unhappy about it.

I work from home, and I try to get out for a walk at lunchtime, and a short walk mid-afternoon to clear my head. These are usually about 10 minutes each, locally around the town I now live in, it’s not super built up but it’s not that green either. Most days end up being about 23+ hours in my flat, doing various things with recent computer obsessions, or buying other shit to hoard.

Today was a day off in the UK, I walked to a public area which has benches, sat there for just about as long as I could tolerate and walked back. 25 minute walk each way, it ended up being
only about 1 hour 20 minutes.

I’m really craving just sitting in a field somewhere or walking around a forest area, somewhere I can just sit and breathe. I can do that here but I feel like a bit of an idiot when I do, and I usually end up just thinking about some computer system or video game which is the obsession flavour of the day, and then I’ve automatically just turned around and gone home. The time spent indoors feels like I’m just wasting my time away.

I feel like I need to start cycling again, taking it slow and long, that would probably sort my brain out. I have a big tendancy to over-do it and get myself into trouble, because of this “need” which can’t be satisfied by my current state of fitness. I made a thread a while back about looking into going to Montana, I think that is what I’m craving, just the great outdoors, camping, green trees in spring, no concrete or ugly infrastructure, no video games or internet.

I feel like I’m in lockdown at the minute. Went to see some family a couple of weekends ago, came back with a chest infection, which resulted in me having to cancel some other social events, really fucked me off.

Feel free to temp this or disregard it, just felt like having a moan.


Don’t despair! :rainbow:

Even England still has some green spaces, so you don’t need to cross an ocean for that. There’s probably a group of other idiots in your general area who also want to get outside and do nothing but use doing something as their excuse for it, like birdwatching. Ask around, community center, library, something like that… the people you’ll meet will probably mostly be old, but that means they’ll tend to be a good influence if you’re having trouble disconnecting from your devices. Of course you can always join a cult if you feel like it (or even if you don’t), but you can probably find something fairly low-key if you look hard enough.

What has your subconscious been signalling to you lately?


Try the beach? :idunno:

Or the coastline. Even better. Good luck getting your mojo back!



Most of my subconscious has been directed towards a Playstation of the “4” variety which I recently overpaid for. I’ve got friends that love that shit, can’t get enough of it. Anyway I bought a game a while back, ran poorly and crashed on me several times, and generally just can’t stand the camera angles. Being a man of tolerance and patience, I’ve disassembled it and lumped it with all the other crap I own which is broken and I don’t use.


But the dreams were before the disaster, or after it, or both?

What dreams? Oh, is that what you meant by the subconscious?

Not had any notable dreams lately, apart from one where I could play the intro of One by Metallica flawlessly. Prompted me to buy an electric guitar after decades of being a dedicated acoustic sad-sack.


And how’s that working out?

About 70% of the way there, but then the next day wake up like

must be
a devil
between us
Or whores in my head

So that took precedence for a while.

I guess that’s progress.

Give Mr. 1992 a profound thought to help him progress even further, O God-Emperor. :notworthy:
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:left_speech_bubble: Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. — Carl Jung


I live not that far from the coast.


  1. The beach I go to has faster internet than I do in my home.
  2. Too many dogs. My lunch got stolen.
  3. The sea ain’t got no trees or mountains.
  4. Sand
  5. Car is broken.

If I’m looking outside and dreaming, does that mean I’m inside? Or if I’m inside and awake, does that mean I should stay inside?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good

Solution: Bring zero devices with you!

The other issues sound worse, but they probably have solutions too… like maybe going somewhere else.

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That’s not a bad suggestion. When I’m home I leave the phone in the kitchen. I’m outside sometime for hours. Don’t miss it at all.

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My guy u live right by the ocean and make more excuses to not go there than I do and I live (in TW) a few hours and many dollars away from one. Not trying to be mean but like if you want to go just reduce distractions. Even if you end up using your phone on the beach at least you’re on the beach doing that instead of rotting in your room.


You need to micro dose. Nothing better for breaking out of fixed mind cycles.

Micro dose and lose yourself in a forest.

I would suggest going full monty running through the local park, but that may land you in a real 23 hour rhu lock-up.

Not sure if the stars are in an auspicious alignment, but many I know are struggling with anxiety and the sort.

I have found that removing myself completely from my surroundings and responsibilities for a week can do wonders. We Yanks call it a vacay. I think you across the pond call it a holiday.

I wish you the best, and wait to hear positive feedback soon.


Make some crop circles. That will get you outdoors and you might even make some friends in the process.


Best leave a trail of bread crumbs though…