Help a hermit

Be careful what you wish for. :mask:

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Been spending more time outdoors as of late so feel slightly less claustrophobic. Had some unfortunate side effects though. Was a nice evening so went out for a short walk, passed a late middle-aged woman walking her dog. She pointed at the sky.

“They"re poisoning us again.”


“Aluminium and Barium, the chemtrail sprayplanes. Poisonous to all life. Don’t know why they do it. It’s a genocide!”

She mumbled and walked away.


If you see her again, tell her not to worry because you have it on good authority that aliens are counter-spraying to neutralize the toxins. :flying_saucer:

(If you consider me a good authority, that is…)

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I do. <3

In 100+ years, someone is gonna find a flash drive with this forum’s content and it’ll be one of the mysteries of the world.

Suspected Aliens, AI’s, and weirdest of all, Americans, all in one place online!

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