Help a mom travel

Scottish man has put his mom’s ashes on eBay, in hopes that people will help him scatter them all over the world.

Item no. 6254643382 in case anyone is interested.

He’s particularly looking for someone in NZ to take some, as that is one of his mom’s favourite places.

So…he wants someone to haul his mom’s ashes?

He’s asking that people who are willing, take a small portion of her ashes, to spread in their country of origin. She was used to travelling with her military husband, and after he died she didn’t get to travel so much. Her son thinks this is a good way to honour her mom’s last wishes. He’ll pay shipping, and his mom’s ashes are free. And hey, you’ll even get a bit of positive feedback for it! :slight_smile:

There’s sort of an ewwww factor here, isn’t there?

I’d do it. But I can’t find it.

Was she a MILF or a GILF?

She was an old Scottish bird… What do you think? :saywhat: