Help! A School in Cidu Keelung is ripping me off in Taxes

My last school claimed I made 293k last year, but I made closer to 374k. They fired me in November, and even though I worked through the 22nd, they’ve paid me zero for it. Even disregarding November, I made 330k.

I’ve called 2433-1900, 2311-3711, 2564-3157, 8590-2299, 2563-9774, 8590-2567, 08-00885885, 2425-8624, 2428-7801, 02-2455-1242, 8590-1236, 2425-8624, 2456-1651, 2428-7801, 2960-3456. And everyone says “That’s not our department” or “we can’t help you if you’re outside of taipei”, or they don’t even speak english.

Any Suggestions?

Anyone know if I sign my tax refund, if that means that I am saying that it’s correct? Because it’s not, but I need my tax refund asap, even if it’s only part of it.

Anyone know tax evasion fine amts for schools? I’m getting ripped off.

I’ve been fighting for a month now to get my income statment and I just got it, the Xindian tax office was zero help, they sided with my last employer and laughed at me when I told them my last employer was evil. I also don’t trust what they said, they tried to tell me that my income statement was correct, that the 293k was NET, but it was written in the GROSS income box.

My employer threatened me, saying that I worked illegally.

It’s been bizarre, the tax office kept telling me to get a lawyer & ask the employer myself. Even the Tao Yuen head tax office told me that it wasn’t their responsibility, that I was lucky they even tried to help me.

Is corruption the law here?

I’m afraid so.

Yes. I have been fighting to get a tax receipt out of a former employee and the tax office aren’t interested that he didn’t pay the tax he deducted from my salary because it’s easier for them to force me to pay it than to force him to pay it.

So I can kiss about NT$35,000 goodbye to keep a multi-millionaire in the style to which he is accustomed!

See how it works here? Jolly good!