HELP American - Japanese Marriage Taiwan VISA...etc

There’s a similar post regarding two non-Taiwanese getting married in Taiwan, but it’s a bit old, so I was hoping someone might have new information on this.

I’ll be working in Taiwan and my Japanese fiance wants to come over and get married in a few months. This sounds like it’s going to be the biggest hastle in the world. But when you love a gal, you love a gal…anyway…

I’m not so worried about the marriage being recognized in the US or Japan (will it?) b/c we can arrange that later, but I am concerned if we can actually get married in Taiwan. The main thing I’m worried about is her being able to stay on a spouse visa or something similar.

Does anyone have a similar experience? What’s involved in two foreigners getting married in Taiwan? If we were to get married in Taiwan, what’s the procedures in getting her tourist visa changed to a spouse visa?

If it sounds like I don’t know what I’m asking, it’s because I don’t. I’m virtually lost here, as information on this subject seems hard to come by. I’m still awaiting a reply (which I probably won’t get) from AIT.

If anyone has some advice, thank you!


RE: Two foreigners getting married in Taiwan

I recall that a similar posting some time ago in the Legal Matters Forum recommended that you go to Guam. So I am passing this on to you for consideration . . . . . .