Help Bassman post

:cry: Bassman is having trouble posting. The typing area is all blue and he can’t input text. There’s no white box for typing. He can post at other websites but not at segue.
He can view pages here and send instant messages and email just fine.

Anyone know what he can do to fix the problem? He’s already tried Norton Ghost to no avail.

Thanks in advance for your help.

p.s. he can only post smilies - check it out below.

:smiley: :slight_smile: :frowning: :smiling_imp: :blush: :cry: :cry: :cry: :shock:

Check browser settings (sounds like scripts problem) Else try another browser till you’ve figured out what’s wrong.

Thanks Monkey it worked just fine after changing to Netscape

When you say “check the browser settings”, what “browser settings” are you referring to?

The settings in one’s personal profile in the system? Or the settings in one’s computer? Or the settings in one’s browser itself (such as “Internet Explorer”, etc.) Please specify exactly what you are referring to, and also how to make the adjustments. Thanks.

I mean all those settings that you can modify to change the way the browser deals with scripts / cookies / java /active X etc.
I haven’t looked at what segue requires to be switched on, but various web sites won’t function or will only partially function if some of them are disabled.
Obviously the more control you give the Internet over your computer (like the ability to execute java applets) the more likely you are to suffer the consequences of executing malicious code.
But I’m just guessing. Bassman’s problem could be any one of 100 things I guess.


What internet browser and version are you using ? e.g I am using MS internet explorer v.6

It’s not your browser. It’s Segue. Most likely there has been an intentional/untentional change to the .css file which controls the “styling” for the site.

Perhaps Segue is no longer compatable with older versions of IE like those that come packaged with Win 98. It’s not just my computer facing this problem but a whole network of computers. However, I have changed to Netscape Nav. 7 and things are working just fine now. I haven’t changed anything in my explorer settings, I even ghosted my com. to try to solve the problem.

Try the Opera browser


i 100% agree with you, was able to post until friday,took the weekend off and even had a hard time logging in. am trying opera now but not impressed :cry:

my avitar keeps vanishing…

Yes I decided to play by the rules about avitar size and dimensions and now I have an avitar. But it sucks… My old avitar was cool. Other avitars are oversize but they remain, why is mine removed. Bring back the funky bass man.

You’re right, it was an UNintentional change to the CSS used in the site.

For some reason (and if you know it, please share it with us), this forum uses TWO sets of CSS codes:

  1. a CSS file that each page links to
  2. the EXACT SAME code at the top of each page

Why the same?

I figured I’d remove the commenting from the header since, as far as I’m concerned, it’s just code bloat. Well, I thought I had just removed the commenting in the header CSS code. Obvious, IE users were affected. What’s more – only SOME IE users seemed to be affected (eg. sometimes, I’d log in using IE and wouldn’t notice a difference, other times on other machines but also using IE6, I’d encounter bassman’s problem)

It took me a while to make the connection to the CSS code change (sorry, I’m a little slow – I shoulda paid more attention to this thread).

I re-pasted the code from the externally linked CSS file back into the header template of the forum. I’d like to know why this makes a difference (maybe it’s one of those things without an answer).

Am closing this thread, so continue this discussion over here: