Blob (the TUBE around me waste) needs your help. Blob is lazy. Blob doesnt like exercise … Blob wants an ABFLEX … where can Blob find one ? And how much ?

Oh … where is Blob to search if you dont help ?

My Blob saw a kind of fancy geared roller thingy at RT Mart the other day. Its designed specifically for Blob reduction and he’s thinking about buying it. If it works, he’ll let you know. They also have a great big ball thing that you’re supposed to roll around on (I think) to increase flexibility and balance, which is another good thing for Blob to do.

Of course it won’t work as well as crunches and obliques, which don’t require any equipment at all, but everyone needs at least one piece of expensive exercise gear to gather dust under the bed.

Blob would like to thank the sandman for his kind advice and the willingness to share his blob’s review on that piece of gear.

Oh … Blob has the same sentiments on gear gathering dust … has to be done

WTF is an ABFLEX when its at home?


I got a present for Blob de Juba - one of those electronic belts (an AbTronic) that you put round your waist and it gives your abs electric shocks to make them contract. You can use it while sitting in front of the TV with a can of beer and a packet of crisps. The exercise feeling is quite good but I can’t really vouch for its effectiveness, as I don’t use it every day. I bought it at the TV shop in Heping West Road - the one that has its own cable channel. Warning - the gadget is rather expensive - they have to pay for all those TV ads somehow.

I also do this every morning between brushing my teeth and washing my face:

(Click here if image won’t show)

Alternatively, you could try Britain’s answer to yoga.

Originally posted by Juba: [QB]You can use it while sitting in front of the TV with a can of beer and a packet of crisps./QB]


Nice one mate. I actually just went and bought it of the net. Lazy lazy … Will I ever used it … SURE

This might help Blob, but you might get another bulge lower down.


try one of these instead.