HELP! Can you help translate this petition into Chinese?


Maoman and I beleive that the community we have at can be a positive force for change. We posted a poll last October about what you thought about the changes ICRT management has made at Taiwan's only English radio station, and the results are clear and obvious -- we aren't happy.

Below is the text of an online petition we are planning to launch to press ICRT management to re-think their current strategy. We'd like to include a Chinese translation so that there is no confusion among the local authorities about what concerns we have.

Please help. Can you post a translation here? We aim to put up the petition this month.

Many thanks,

Gus Adapon (Goose Egg) and Anthony van Dyck (Maoman)

ICRT feedback thread for 2018
ICRT - is it serving you?

After we create the petition, we plan to invite other Taiwan-oriented online communities to link to the petition as a way to show their support.

Here are some buttons I whipped up that they could use during the life of the petition

100x34 pixel buttons

185x75 pixel banners

468x60 pixel banners


I'll have the translation done by the end of the week but I have to tell you, people have already looked into this and the conclusion was that ICRT never really has been the international community radio station. The international community makes up less than 4% their audience. That means 96 % of their audience is Taiwanese/Chinese.
They lost their government subsidies and now have to make a profit or fail. They have chosen to make a profit, a sound business decision because that is what they are, a Taiwanese business.
If we really want to have a an international community station we have to make one for ourselves. However current laws in Taiwan prohibit foreigners from owning or in practice even independently operating TV or radio stations.
If you are really interested in finding a solution to the Community Radio problem give me a call.
Eric W. Lier


if you can help me , i could help you ~
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1. 回復英語廣播節目──至少1天當中部分時段,而且考慮2個廣播人或俱樂部型式。在西方國家開車聽廣播時,這種型式是非常普遍的。
2. 提供更多主要新聞題材的廣播中討論──在台灣想聽英語廣播節目,沒有其他的選擇性。這也可部份說明了Forumosa.com為何不只時常檢閱身為關於台灣線上社區的職責,亦提供在台灣的人所談論話題的一個討論空間。
3. 恢復社區訊息佈告欄,對外國社區的佈告可以免費服務播報。當然這可包含台灣特別的主題內容,像是哪裡是最好的現場實況音樂秀地點,或是當地台灣人和在台的外國人心理在想些什麼。
4. 尋求政府機構贊助英語廣播節目。民視英語新聞就是一個先例。
5. 管理相互成長的努力與以台灣為主導趨向的線上社區,像Forumosa.com如此,可以提供新主題新思維。
6. 探就使用其他可行的收聽率方式來適度評價ICRT的實際效果與影響深遠──廣泛地被相信,收聽率系統,不是做讓ICRT更特別的外國人民意調查。其實GIO英語基金可用來支付更好的方法,適當公正的找出誰才是ICRT真正的聽眾。


What, Forumosa helping you with your dissertation isn't enough help?


Hi Twocs,

That's a really great translation.

It's easy to read, gets to the point, and respectful.


I agree. Excellent work/

Not sure about this part. It sounds like it could be construed as "programming with English content" rather than "totally English programming", which is what I read the English to mean. But I could be missing something from the Chinese.


They don't want total English programming, just during certain times of the day.


My bad, I wasn't quite clear on what I meant. I know they only mean certain times of the day, but I read it as meaning that during those periods, the programming would be entirely in English, and not bilingual. I may be wrong, but that's how I read it.


Wouldn't the "hui fu" be construed as meaning "go back to what it was before", which is what they're talking about (I think)???


True, but I get the feeling they'd be pedantic arseholes and go "What do you mean 'return to English programming'? We still have English, just listen!" and then point to one of their idiotic "bilingual" moments. In a situation like this, personally, I think it needs to be made clear that what's meant is a return, for certain portions of the day, to 100% English programming. Assuming, of course, I'm not misreading the English version of the petition too.


哎!真是的!~真是坏我的好事哟!~!~ :wink:






:smiley: I thought I should just mention that it's actually my wife who translated it, so I thanked her on your behalf! Merry Christmas everyone. :candycane:


I hope I don't sound too uninformed, but I just heard about this petition. I'm curious as to whether ICRT got the petition yet, and if it has, what was the response?

I'm also curious about some of the premises of the petition. It seems to imply that there is a significant amount of non-English programming. I listen a lot, and I haven't found this to be true at all (except for a lot of their commercials). Sure once in a while someone says something in Chinese, but since we are in Taiwan it isn't really distracting. Then again, I don't listen 24-hours per day, so I could be missing something.

You also mentioned a poll that was posted last October, and that the responses were clear and obvious. Is there anywhere online that I can look at the poll and its results?

I think it is a good thing that the ex-pat community is keeping an eye on this, and I'd like to know what the latest developments are.