Help choosing which bike to bring to Taichung

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the forum and need your advice! I’m planning to spend my summer in Taichung and need help choosing which bike to bring with me. Here are the two bikes I want to bring:

  1. Colnago wih SRM, standard 53-39 and 12-25
  2. Giant TCR with Compact 50-34 and 12-27

I really want to bring the bike with the power meter, but think that riding a standard crankset in Taiwan would be no fun at all. If I brought the Giant, I’d be much happier with the gearing, but no powermeter. I’m also concerned about bringing the bike with the SRM because Campy, in my experience, is super expensive in Taipei, both to replace and to fix; is this any different in Taichung?

Other things I’ve been wondering about:

  1. How expensive are powertaps and other powermeters in Taiwan? (more/less expensive than in the states?)
  2. Availability of parts for powertaps in Taiwan? (lots of cheap/used powertap hubs in the US, but will definitely need parts)
  3. Would most of the climbs near Taichung be ok with a 38-27? (has anyone climbed Wuling/Hehuanshan with this gearing?)
  4. Does it rain as much in Taichung as in Taipei? I remember riding and being wet for weeks on end in Taipei. Will there be a lot of rain riding in Taichung in the summer?
  5. How much hotter is Taichung compared to Taipei?

Sorry, I realize that there are a lot of questions, some of which are pretty inane. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

Def go for the compact. It is usually dry and very hot in the summer here in TC. All accessories are likely available at similar prices to back home. Hope to see u on the road soon!

Powertap users are few and far between in Taiwan, so I guess you’d be SOOL if you busted something. Availability is bound to be lower, and quite possibly moe expensive. General accessories are often cheaper, but specialist stuff is more expensive, normally. Amazon does deliver some things to taiwan, from some stores but not all.

Gearing: Yes, I’ve done the spine of the island on 34-27 a few times if you;re strong already. There’s a race from Puli to HeHuanShan each year and that’s been fine for me (it’s only 75 km but climbs from 400 to 3200 m, so it’s tough in under 5 hours, but doable).

never tried it on 38-27, though.

The weather sucks less in Taichung, but there are always summer thunderstorms in the mountains.

This is great! Hm… lots to consider. I think I’m leaning towards going with a compact.

The people I’ve seen that ride standard 130 cranks in Taiwan are usually either super strong or select their routes really judiciously. Decisions, decisions.

Trubador- Do you know of anyone that rides a standard 53-39 in Taichung? If so, what cogset do they use?

Urodacus- Thanks for the Amazon tip. How much is shipping? Does PBK ship to Taiwan? I remember being in the red for quite a bit of HeHuanShan, riding a 34-27, towards WuLing. I guess I was hoping that the 4 gear-inch difference, from a 38-27, was doable. If only I were four gear-inches stronger…

Thanks again.

(Prices and especially selection are probably better in the US. Don’t arrive expecting to get an awesome deal.)

I used I ride a standard ultegra crank with the standard gears at the back. I am not unfit nor undetermined and tbh I managed fine for several years. I’ve recently changed to a compact crank although with the standard cassette and it just gives you a greater range and more confidence to explore. Its gonna be a hot summer. 36-44C already reported last Sunday. Most people run the compact and many have bigger climbing cogs at the back. You still need something for the wonderful descents though so people opt for a greater range high-low rather than closer ratios.

Cycling is great around TC. You’ll love it whatever you ride.

Btw check out the Taichung Cycle FB group for more local knowledge.