Help! electricity bills

do somebody know how much do the small refrigerator electricity bills cost if we plug it 24 hours in a month? if it is $600 ntd, it’s cheap or expensive?

That sounds WAY too expensive. here’s a “how to” to calculate the cost of a mini fridge. First you figure out the power consumption and then the cost of the power. the example they use works out about 32$US a year.

Your bill is about 20$ US a month AND the article is using US prices which are (in this article anyway) is 13 cents per kilowhatt hour. A quick look up in Taiwan is closer to 9 cents.

The article notes a full fridge and an empty fridge vary the cost, but it’s a good guideline.

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If it’s only 24 hours per month, $600 is too much. If it’s 30 days x 24 hours and you have an old fridge, it’s possible.

How are you calculating the mini-fridge electricity cost by itself?
If you managed to figure out the fridge cost by itself, then yes 600 is too much.

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