Help Finding a Missing Person - Alice Ku

Sorry I meant brother then.

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I didn’t. I hope he can continue to pursue justice.


Apologies if these have already been posted or otherwise discussed. I can’t make out much, but for all I know, they might contain some new information.

There’s a video on this Apple Daily page:

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I can think of another possibility.

  1. The wife liked taking selfie photos. While taking a selfie at a particularly dangerous cliff area, the husband loses a bit of his balance and his instinct was to do whatever he could to regain balance. But unfortunately he knocks his wife over instead. Because there is nobody around to help witness, he knows he will immediately be seen as a suspect for murdering his wife. So in his panic, he leaves as soon as he can. However, everyday since he lives with the guilt that he caused his wife’s death even though it was an accident.

That’s the same as the first version. He killed his wife, regardless whether it was accidental or murder.


Don’t be too sure. He can claim Taiwan isn’t a country and Taiwan’s prison is inhumane.

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If there’s a murder charge on him, I suspect that wouldn’t work out too well. Could be though! Not really your typical murder plot, is all I was saying.

Not really the same. There’s a huge difference.

Yours implies that it was premeditated and done with malicious intent.

What I described was a complete accident where the guy would be scared to be tried in a foreign court and potentially charged with manslaughter and sentenced to prison for an unknown length of time in a foreign land.


Not a shrink but my two cents say it’s murder rather than accidental

If it’s an accident the other party will shout out to the world what happened and will usually show a lot of grief

If it’s murder then it’s planned and he will keep very quiet and leave
Taiwan ASAP

What did he do ?


And that stretch of road from Lishan to the beginning of the gorge from the west side if one were to be pushed off and nobody saw it ‘ it will take a lot of searching to find the body quite some distance down on the river

Nobody goes along the river there

See how Allan killed his helmet

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Sorry, but that’s a weak rebuttal. First of all, helmets are inanimate objects and therefore cannot have its “life” taken. And secondly, he’s speaking metaphorically.

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Can some foreigners make a YouTube without the title basically being ‘taiwan numba one’ .

So boringgggggg.

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Aaccidentally kill is still a kill. I didn’t say murder or manslaughter in my original case 1.

In Taiwan you’ll do some time.

You can try to argue your point, but you definitely came across as implying murder.

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@hansioux posited that as one of two outcomes. It implies murder as much as the other possible outcome doesn’t.

I didn’t mean to quote that twice. That was an accident. :laughing:

I will go ahead and not imply it’s murder
I’m going to say I deeply suspect murder

Husband killed her.

  1. She did not just disappear by choice. She would not have done it there. She would also at some point contact someone she knew. She was a very private person, but she would have contacted someone by now.
  2. If he was innocent, No way husband would just leave if she disappeared. No way. Plus, his story had a few lies. Not mistakes about memory, lies.
  3. Harald killed her. Prove me wrong Harald. You have plenty of attorneys Harald. Hire one and sue me for libel. See how it comes out.

She went missing in one of the most difficult places to find a body. No body, no conviction. Harald bails the country without reporting her missing? Gives a BS story about why?

He did it. Her brother needs a go fund me page to raise money and get this f***er. I’ll be the first to contribute.