Help Finding a Missing Person - Alice Ku

Are you publicly advocating murder?

That’s a no-no.

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Yep. The email after does stink. He did skip out because it was the most important (and obvious) thing that a killer would do. The question is…why. What happened?
1)Did they have a prenup? If not, my guess is he cheated on her and she was going to dump him and he was concerned about divorce settlement. The trip was an attempt at reconciliation.
2) Why else? Maybe she threatened to expose one of his dark secrets. (because he was being abusive) He was a somewhat public guy in the valley.

Ally was a really good person. Whatever happened, it was all on him. I’m sure of it.
He f***ing killed her.

No, I am saying hire a top notch PI and get the facts and go after him legally!!!

But thank you for allowing me to clarify. The family needs to hire a top PI in Taiwan. The husband has already made mistakes. There are more I am sure.

They need to hire a mountain tracker. There are like 3 guys in Taiwan who know the mountains and have found people before. Alive. Maybe they can find this one.

Not cheap because it takes manpower, equipment, tactics.

Highly suspicious that it was planned in advance. Taiwan is ideal because

  1. No extradition nor likely to be , no agreements with other countries either where he could be arrested in transit (basic requirement )
  2. Very far away
  3. Remote area to do the evil deed where people have gone missing with no trace before
  4. Pretend the reason to be there was a holiday.

Can the family bring a civil suit to claim damages ?
Almost certainly there were financial or other issues going on in the background that need to be exposed.

They need to access her mobile records and communications . Of course the phone was destroyed in taroko as well.

The email , where was the last login from ? (I know he could use VPN …But still…)

she did NOT run off with the guide. She was not attracted to girls. BS story.

On the last day of phone signal, , the 29th , the day she went missing without trace and the day they visited Taroko he claims she sent him a message that she was going to stay one more week.

A possible scenario the police should check .
He took the phone after he did the evil deed, sent the bullshit message , then destroyed the phone.

Very calculating. Then hang around Taiwan for one further week so as not to generate even more suspicion and then leave without informing the police about his missing wife who has the spent the last week or two supposedly travelling happily around Taiwan with !

@PP are you her family or friend in real life? It seems you are because you just joined less than an hour ago and your main forum of interest seems to be this one.

I hope you get some closure.

You are correct Brianjones, almost certainly there were other issues in the background.
I am not family.
Yes I knew her.
Yes I joined to comment on this thread.
If that is not ok on this forum I will stop.
She was murdered by a really smart, really manipulative and calculating man who took advantage of who she was as a person.
She deserves better than to just allow this guy to get away.


@PP what’s the husband’s behavior now? Has anyone seen him since he returned? Is he dating anybody new? Does he seem sad?

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Do you know anything about his ex wife? How did she die?

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It’s an interesting case.
Could you tell us more about your friend?

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As I posted above the Irish and Italian authorities are trying to prosecute a husband regarding a suspected murder of his wife, no body, disappeared off a cruise ship. It was big news. They looked into their home life, found motive . He is a German guy and his wife was Chinese. He didn’t get away with it completely. They went after him . He’s being investigated under fraud charges now.

You guys in the US need to get it in the media there not just in Taiwan !

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They just put on the news a case of a man lost in the mountains. They have been looking for him 22 days. He has left messages in stones. Yet, in spite of so many search parties, no other traces of him have been found yet.

Yeah but this lady isn’t missing because of her own hand. There’s no good reason for her to be missing.

Indeed. But my point is there are resources to look for her. They should be activated. Weird that the family has not made a fuss.

This week my hoodie magazine has an atoga’s marital woes on the cover. I am surprised this case of the missing lady has received actually very little press. No gossip rag has sank its teeth into it.

I am even amazed so much time has passed between the fact and actually stirring the pot.

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Alice Ku is still missing.