Help for my dog

I’m new on this forum, I’m italian and I speak a little english.
I will go to live in Taipei in 2-3 months months and I would like to know if I can take my dog with me.
I know that it’s required the rabies vaccine, and it’s okay, my dog have already this vaccine, but… when I will get off the plane, the dog will still be quarantined? :cry:

In Taipei there are the mosquitos bearer the Leishmaniasis? In Italy this is the serious problem!

Sorry for my english, and thank you so much. I hope to have your answers :slight_smile:

Taking an animal away from Taiwan is easier then taking one IN. Because of the need for quarantine. Because Taiwan is largely Rabies free so they want to keep it that way.

I think the airlines have information regarding this. Or get in touch at the Taiwan office where you got your visa to Taiwan .

Im sure the info is available. Thing is your dog has to live in a cell in central Taiwan for something like 2 months after arrival. That part is the major bummer.

p.s. if you are going to live in Taiwan only a year or so, dont take your dog if you can leave him/her at home with your family. Too much hassle.

Well, the good news is that we don’t have a problem with leishmaniasis. Heartworm is a big problem here, and babesiosis and ehrlichiosis. You can give your dog preventives for heartworm, and the other two diseases are carried by ticks, so be sure to keep your dog tick-free.

I think your dog will like it here. :wink: