HELP for shelter in Zhudong

Hey guys, MANA Club organized by Nelie Aucamp if i am not wrong found this shelter in Zhudong, its a lady who has around 100 dogs and cats and now they are out of food, MANA is organizing a collect to bring food on sunday, so if anyone lives around Xinzhu or Zhudong and feels like helping please let me know and we could pick up the food on sat or sunday morning.
if you want more info about MANA Club:
MANA CLUB - Many Animals Need Assistance新竹MANA愛狗俱樂部
look for it on facebook !!!

Everyone is meeting tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:30pm near McDonald’s at the Nanya RT Mart to travel to the shelter. Some of us are bringing cars and I think some are going by scooter.

The Activity was great, we got to talk to the lady and we gave her some food and stuff that she needs, i think in this case the lady needs as much help as the dogs, and she really cares about the dogs!!! it was very difficult to take one of the pups that she had that was almost blind…
i will post the link to the pics of the shelter as soon as they get online !!
thanks to everyone for your help !!