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My computer has a French system and it doesn’t work anymore… I need to get it fixed, but nobody understand French… Does someone know where I could go to make it fixed??? Or where could I buy a new computer? It doesn’t matter if the system is in English (but I can’t read Chinese), but I REALLY need to write in French…


How doesn’t it work? It just doesnt turn on? Just boot to windows?


Windows XP supports multi-languages, I have an (official) English version running and it allows e.g. Chinese text input(needs to be specified during installation).

So if you can get hold of an English version it should be no problem to use French, too …


I had this problem last year (the screen is all black and it’s written : “Remplacer le disque et appuyer sur une touche” ou quelque chose comme ca…) and I had to wait to come back to Canada to get it fixed because the guy I went to see here didn’t understant French and did worse…

I don’t know anything in computer, but I went to maybe 6-7 different shops (near Hsimenting) to buy a new one and all the sellers told me it is impossible to write ( I specify again: I just want to write in French, I don’t give a shit if the system is in English…) in French…???


Hey MJG,

as Rascal mentioned, you can install & purchase XP windows the English version, you will see everything in English and you can also type all the French accents and special letters via --insert/symbol.

I use this all the time and it works without any problems.

Une autre solution c’est de trouver quelqu’un qui travaille dans une compagnie fran


Merci! Does it mean that I can buy any cheap Taiwanese computer and install this on??? The sellers told me only 2 or 3 brands could handle an English system…


XP home edition is what you need. And in terms of computer power, it is always best to get the highest configuration in terms of what you can afford.

Pentium 4 and minimum 256 Megabyte memory. You also need to find from the vendor if they are willing to install an ‘authentic’ version of XP Home Edition for you, when you purchase your computer. It is a hassle, you will be glad NOT to do yourself.


But is it true that it doesn’t work on a chinese computer??? Can this really make me able towrite in French with any kind of computer??? Sorry, I’m a total dummy with computers…


Where should I buy a new computer? Any advice?


The sellers told me only 2 or 3 brands could handle an English system…

Not true, I am running English on the 2nd PC now, both locally purchased (one desktop and now a laptop).

Can this really make me able towrite in French with any kind of computer

Yes! It’s a software thing, not a hardware issue.

The computer mekka is along Pateh Road, near Hsin Sheng MRT station (a bit north of it), called KungHua (GungHwa?) market.

A P4 2.4GHz with 256MByte RAM, 60GByte HDD, DVD, LAN, modem, keyboard, mouse etc. and original XP will cost you around NT$22,000 - 23,000. (XP is about NT$3,200 itself).
Ensure to specify you want an English version of XP though I think installation is actually very easy and you could do it yourself.

Get yourself a Samsung 17" TFT for NT$19,900 only, too - looks so cool!


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I just checked with my MIS guy at my company, and he is checking for you with our regular IT vendor who supplies our company’ computers, to see if we can get a French Operation System already installed, with the purchase of a new computer with XP windows.

Vous pourriez acheter le PC directement chez notre fournisseur, le prix devrait


Or talk to Dell, though they will be a bit expensive they can install French version for you.


What operating system (OS) are you using?

If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, then you should have no problem to type French (as I do) with these OSes, no matter the language of the OS (Chinese, English, …) and the keyboard.

If you still haven’t solved your problem on your computer, maybe I can help you, as French is my mother tongue.

When does “Remplacer le disque et appuyer sur une touche” occur? During startup? It may not be a good sign…


This replace this disk and press a button sounds like your HDD has crashed. If you take it to any vendor, ask him to FDISK it, and install either Windows 2000 (doesn’t matter what language) or XP (any language) you should get up and running. I recommend Win 2000. With either of these OS you can write in French English Chinese or AFAIK almost any language. I have English W2K and can write French, English, and Chinese (SC and TC).

Alternatively, your BIOS may have stopped recognising the HDD. In this case you will need to go into BIOS and reselect the HDD, again a vendor could help you. (The BIOS isn’t in French is it !?).


Thank your very much for your advices. I’m going to meet a guy in Taichung tomorrow who thinks he can fix my computer (someone I found by this forum). I talked to a friend in Montreal (a pro!) who told me I just need a boot disk and enter some simple code.

But even if I get it fixed, I’ll have to buy a new computer asp cause I ALWAYS have problem with this laptup (an old Compaq I bought second hand 1 year and half ago…). So I’ll keep all your answers to help me!




I suggest get a new harddisk for your PC and reinstall your French OS. But I have to make sure if you have the French Windows Installer with you.

Otherwise you might opt to install english OS and English Office, the problem is english keyboard is qwerty. If you are accustomed to using Azerty keyboard you can set your Keyboard to Azerty on Win2k and winXP.

But if you’re native langue is francais, je suppose on doit avoir tout le systeme Interface en francais. Ca va bien.
You can also have multiple language Oses on one computer.
I have mine in almost 6 languages.


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