HELP give him a home ~ Persian up for adoption!

Too cute and friendly adult male persian, he’s very beautiful with VERY soft semi-long white/light cream-colored hair and a sweet, gentle face. At first he was a bit shy and hesitant but now if you pick him up he will begin to purr because he loves it when people gives him the attention. He has a mellow temperement and would be great with other cats or dogs. If you decide to adopt him, he will always keep you company no matter what. He’s a delightful friend to have around and has a great personality. So if you’re looking for a pleasing and loyal cat to love up on, cuddle with and just be your friend. He’s defininitely the one!! He’s been kept in a cage all his life, so all I wish for is that he’ll have a safe and loving home which he can roam freely and play. He has some minor skin irritations, so the coat on his body has been shaved down. I have a handful of sick puppies with me right now, so I’ve not had time to bring him for a check up but will do so soon. He’s healthy, playful and eating at the moment. He’s not fixed yet, if you can pay for the operation yourself that be GREAT! But if you need help let me know. I’d be happy to help. He needs to be fixed before he is to go to his new home.


I remembered once a stray dog followed me into a petshop. The owner told me that he’d seen that dog outside but didn’t want to let him in, so he told me to let her out. Very disappointed I did. And when I left the shop, I didn’t see the dog anymore. The next day my best friend’s sister, Shan Shan ( she works there part-time cleaning the cages and feeding the dogs ) told me that her boss had adopted a black stray. I called to ask him about it and he said “it’s all yor fault. I spent 3 hours looking for the dog in the rain and after giving him food and a bath it was already 6 am!” That was 4 years ago. Last year when the dog died in an accident, he called me to tell me the news. For the first time, I heard him cry.

Last week Shan Shan who’s still working for him at his home on the hilltop in Chung Ho told me that her boss smsed her and told her he’d be away for 2 days and ask her to feed the dogs twice before going home. She called me to tell me because she thought it was a little weird that he’d be away for 2 days. It had never happened. Then on the 3rd day, Shan Shan called and told me that the owner had asked someone to pick up some dogs. I ask to speak to the person and the lady ( whom I had met, she used to work in his petstore ) told me the owner asked her to care for some dogs until he returns. Which she’s not sure when. Later the lady told me that because the owner is having some $$$ problems and is on the run from…( loan sharks I pressumed. I was not given too much info )

I’ve known the owner ever since I moved to Taiwan, 9 years ago. He’s an honest man. Always very responsible and caring to his animals. But I guess bad things happens to good people as well. I’ve tried contacting him but couldn’t find him :frowning:

The lady took around 30 dogs mostly stud and puppies but Shan Shan told me there are still dogs there and the owner asked her to continue caring for them until he returns. I’ve never been there and was shocked to know that there are so many dogs there. I asked the lady where is she taking those dogs to?? She said she will care for the studs which the owner asked her to until he returns just in case the loan sharks decides to raid his place and take them. And for that favor she told him she’s take the females and puppies.

I decided to drive there 3 days ago to pick up Buster a small nearly blind male Chihuahua whom I had cared for when he was a baby. He’s size is too small to be a stud and he’s half blind ( from a illness when he was baby ). So he just stays there in his cage. And Bao Bao a golden retriver whom I have got aquainted with when he used to be the star in the petshop. When I got there I realized that there are more dogs than I had expected. I called the lady and asked her what about the remaining dogs? She said Shan Shan will feed them until the owner comes back or until the loan shark raids the place!!! And takes them…?!

She had picked the healthy female puppies and what’s left are the weak and sick puppies. Mostly males. And so-so stud dogs as well as the bigger breeds. Even though I am told that the owner WILL come back and in that meantime just like it has always been Shan Shan will continue caring for the dogs, I’m still very concern about the dogs, especially the sick puppies. Shan Shan leaves at 5 pm to go for class and goes to work at 10 am.

I still can’t find the owner to speak to him personally but the lady told me she had conveyed my msges to him and he will call me.

And because of this situation, Shan Shan says that she is considering quiting her job. I told her she can’t do that now!! What will happen to those dogs! She is only 18 and I guess this is all too scary for her.

In the end … I didn’t bring Bao Bao home with me instead I came back with Buster, 2 small weak & sick Chihuahuas, 1 not eating Maltese puppy, a weak Pomeranian puppy, a persian stud with minor skin problems ( photo above ) …and a small black stray, I named Lucky whom I met on the way up to the hills. It was raining and he was walking alone and a bus nearly ran over him. He’s an all black puppy, around 2 mths old I’d say. He looks healthy and is now staying with me and my 3 dogs and cat.

For now I am looking for homes for the 2 tiny Chihuahua’s and a persian cat. I will care for the Chihuahua’s until they are stronger. But the cat is ready to go. I will have him fixed and will pay for his medical expenses if you can’t. There are 2 more cats there which I will pick up as soon as I find this one a home.

If anyone who is ALSO interested in taking in a beautiful Golden retriver and a friendly lab. I will pay for them to get fixed.

For now this is all I can do on my own … hopefully to just be able to help find homes for these wonderful animals.

I LOVEEE CHihuahuas, but unfortunately already have 3 dogs. You have a great heart…I hope you get help soon!

You have a great heart for animals indeed.

I understand the man’s got to make a living, but breeding dogs is just immoral, inhumane, and cruel considering the stray population. And we all know what comes of it. I wonder whether the pet shop owner can claim back his animals if and when he resurfaces?

In the meantime, Sean, can this cat and the 2 others that the OP speaks off, stay in Animals Taiwan’s Alleycats cathouse? The Persian should be adopted in no time flat. I can pay for having him fixed.

Thank you :rainbow:

Well, it’s really hard to see all this happening and not do anything to help. I do agree that the stray population is a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally against puppy mills and puppy farms. But I also believe that there are many responsible breeders as well. As long as the enforcement that the animals are kept are clean and everything is done in a humane and proper way. Making sure that the animals are healthy and happy, it’s all good. Most importantly, we as owners need to know our responsibility, having a pet is just the same as having a child…that’s how I feel.

As for claiming his animals if and when he resurfaces. I’ve informed the lady that I took the sick puppies and will not be returning them instead will be finding them good homes when they recover.

This morning I took all the puppies to the vet for a check-up. The doctor gave all the 4 puppies tests, all the puppies had CDV. The Maltese puppy was in the worst condition, he had Parvovirus as well. 1 of the Chihuahuas is at the early stage. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the pom but when the doctor took a sample from the inside of his stomach, it came out black. His stomach had a really bad infection. That explains why he can never hold down his food. The Maltese was on IV and had to stay at the vet. The doctor told me that he had a slim chance of surviving and how I wish that he was wrong. I never knew how deadly these viruses are until I saw how careful the doctors were. Disinfecting, gloves, disinfecting over and over again. When I told him I wanted to wash my hands, he told me to dip it in a bucket of ‘diluted’ clorox first before using soap and water. He assured me not to worry because it’s very mild. BUT I think he lied. There’s a burning sensation and the skin on my fingers are peeling now…ouch! I was also told to disinfect everything that the puppies had come in contact with when I got home. So, for an hour that’s what I’ve been doing ( with gloves ).

Unfortunately, the vet called. The little Maltese didn’t make it :frowning: :frowning: The doctor said all had been done but was is too ill. sigh

I’m glad he got a bath the day before and he had a soft warm bed to sleep on last night. Even though it breaks my heart , at least I know now he’ll be free of pain and worries at the Rainbow Bridge and we will meet again someday.

I hope the rest of the puppies will make it.

Here are some photos:

This is Pepper, the Pomeranian

The 2 Chihuahua’s, Bird and Ernie ( ADOPTED )

And Lucky