HELP! How do I send stuff home?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am alas leaving this fare land, back to the land of Oz and would like to send some of the crap I’ve accumlated over the years but am finding it very hard to find out how. I’ve asked a few companies but their minimum size is too big (3 cubic metres, enough to move a small house!) AND expensive. Surely others have sent their crap overseas. PLEASE, does anyone know of a good (reasonably inexpensive) company to send things to Australia?


Tried the Post office?

Thanks very much, but have tried the post office, they said $4000NT for about a 40-50cm box, but there is a weight limit, I’m talking slightly bigger & heavier (ie. computer etc).


For the computer, just pull the hard drive and dump (or, really, sell) the rest of it. Hardware prices are so low now that it’s not worth shipping, especially if the PC is more than a year or two old.

But if you sell it, don’t expect to get much from it. A new system, high-quality but midrange processor speed, can be put together for maybe US$250 (NT$8500). For a used one that’s a year or so old, you might get half that. (I’m talking about just the processor box; if you have a nice LCD or other gadgets, you’d get more for those.)

When you put together your new machine back home, you might have to reinstall your OS to deal with the new hardware. Or you can just plug the drive in as a second drive, and install the OS on your (new) first drive.

I sent boxes to South Africa last year.It was about 600nt per box of 10-15kgs.Try another post office.

What about DHL.I see they have a cool add on TV.Two elephants with boxes on their backs.I dont know the costs of that.

Jumbo box? Used in Malaysia once to ship things to Germany, around MYR300 (~NTD2600).


You can try Lion Airfreight Inc. If you use them, double check all the paperwork (for getting your stuff through customs in your home country). They messed up on our customs declarations (didn’t have certain papers we needed from our “consulate” in Taipei before leaving), causing a bit of stress when our boxes had to clear customs, but they did give us the best prices for moving our stuff!

contact: McCoy How
Lion International Forwarding Co. Ltd./Lion Airfreight Inc.
1st Floor, No. 353 Fu-Chin Street
Tel: 02-2769-3313

Thanks very much for your help everybody, Lion Air quoted me $6000Nt for 20 kg door 2 door so that sounds okay, computer and other gadgets can all get home for a reasonable amount. If anyone knows of cheaper deal please let me know and again all suggestions have been a welcome source of help.


Yoshi, just curious for when I head back to Aus too, what do they give you for the $NT6K.

They gave me 20kgs, 2 days delivery to Melbourne for $6k. I checked around a bit and this seemed okay, the difefrence between sending it via ship vs airmail turned out to be not too much difference. Either way I have run out o time so I am going with Lion Air.