Help! How to teach english in taiwan LEGALLY

Hi all,
Does anyone have any idea what are the rules and regulations to teach legally in taiwan? I have been to several sites that stated that you need at least a bachelor degree as the minimum edication requirement. BUT…I know a lot of people who is teaching without a degree AND have ARC!! So how does that work? I am really really confused and wil appreciate any type of information.

P.S. tealit sucks, it is supposed to be the site that answers such questions but I found NOTHING that solves my query. :x

Thanks very much everyone…

two ways:
have a BA (or its equal) from one of the big six: oz, s.a., nz, gb, can or us


have a two year degree/diploma/certificate and an esl cert.

such are to be legal here and get an alien residency cert (ARC).

yes, tealit is lacking. this site is non-commerial. tealit tolerates nothing that upsets the schools that buy ads. many of the people here started out at tealit and migrated on over. you shant be the last.

Thanks ever so much.
Could you post me some links to where to find jobs with a diploma or useful information that you know?

Since you don’t have a degree, you could get an ARC by enrolling at a government approved UNIVERSITY like Shida, (not a language center like CLD or TLI) for Mandarin lessons. However, although you’d have the ARC, you’d be teaching illegally, under the table.

And while the government approved LANGUAGE CENTERS like TLI or CLD don’t get you an ARC, they help allow you to keep extending your visa for a fee every month, while going on a visa run just every 6 months. Even then, you’d be teaching under the table.

What Skeptic Yank says has always been the case in Taipei. However, work permits were not forthcoming for those with two-year diplomas who applied at a county branch of the Ministry of Education (MOE). They had to have their app’ns resubmitted in Taipei which were then accepted.

My concern now is that the (MOE) is no longer responsible for giving out work permits. That duty has very recently been turned over to the Labour Council. I don’t know if the old rules will apply with them. It will be interesting to find out. If anyone knows, please give us a post on it.

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Thanks ever so much.
Could you post me some links to where to find jobs with a diploma or useful information that you know?[/quote][/quote]

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