Help! I need a new thermostat ( I think)

I recently received an Indesit stove with an oven, gas operated. In the move however, it would appear that the thermostat for the oven was damaged as I can’t regulate the temperature in the oven. The stove is older and I can’t locate the model number on the internet so can’t find out anything about it.

I have had several repairmen come in to check it out but the response is usually “Oh, it must be a problem inside”. Duh. No one has taken off the face plate or seems to have a clue. The big problem is that no one appears to know anything about ovens here. Does anyone know where I can get some help in finding out about repair people? I am in Hualien but if anyone knows of someone who fixes these things in Taipei (or anywhere else in Taiwan) I’d appreciate a contact number! If anyone knows where I can get a thermostat as well it would be deeply appreciated!

Thanksgiving is coming up and I simply can’t cook a turkey in an oven that consistantly goes to above 500 degrees!