Help! I need advice ASAP

I have been offered a job teaching at a kindergarden. To my knowledge it is illegal for foreigners to teach young children (right?). This would be my first job teaching English and I am not sure if I should look for something else. I have an interview tomorrow and they mentioned a contract for one semester. What should I do?

Thank you

EDIT: The lady asked if it was ok that the kids might puke on me :astonished: :help:

Ask them what kind of license they have.


I would say strictly speaking, no, but bear in mind the following:

  1. It seems that the Ministry of Education say it is.

  2. It is illegal to teach immersion English to children under 6 (or maybe it’s 6 and under?)

  3. You can not get a work permit to teach kindergarten - if a kindergarten gives you a work permit, that means they’re either illegally registered as a buxiban, their buxiban department is illegally loaning you out to their kindergarten department or the work permit actually has you illegally registered with a different branch or school.

  4. You need a work permit from the MOE to teach legally, unless you are married to a Taiwansese (and have a JFRV visa) or have Permanent Residency.


how do you get Permanent Residency