Help! I need to create a funny Chinese Esperanto!

Okay, here’s the scenario. I need help creating an artificial language that will sound funny to Chinese speakers.

For instance, David Ives created an Esperanto parody for a play, in which “English” was “Johncleese” and “welcome” was “velcro.” But this is not only unfunny to non-native speakers, it’s nearly impossible for Chinese actors to remember.

So, let’s imagine that in order to achieve ethnic harmony in Taiwan, some Buddhist organization decided to promote a new, Buddhist-based artificial language (Buddhese? Fwo yu?) mixing Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, English, whatever you think would be funny and recognizable to a Taiwan audience.

In that spirit, give me as many vocabulary suggestions as possible, especually for the small everyday words. And please explain why they would be funny.

English-Buddhese / Fwoyu-Yingyu Dictionary

Hello: Chr-ni-do-fu (like Amitofu, but means “Grope you”)