Help iix23.... he doesnt know that he needs help

Please lets help iix23, he is a biker but now he has no bike and he is turning crazy… now he is making a TV show…
How to help, well if you ever get to see a DRZ-400SM for a prize below 200kNts please post the information on this forum.
or just post something to cheer him or give him some hope !!!

i know that he would like to watch the comments of his video fans since he has made some nice videos for the track !!!

PD: ixx23… we love you to !!! :yay: :banana: :moon:

Thanks Omeroj but the bike is really not a priority right now.

On the other hand, If someone would like to participate in the Tv show…

I am looking for people that have great places/activities to share. What ever the subject. A coffee shop, a beach, a restaurant, sports events, a mountain, a bike trip, education, anything about Taiwan.

If you would like the show to cover a rugby game that your team is in…Celebrating your country’s national day… If you need promotion for an up coming event.

Basically the TV show will be weekly news and reports from people that lives in Taiwan for others that live in Taiwan.

The TV show will accept videos made by the public. (Depending on the quality. Video editing service is available.)

I just got tired of watching news on TV that don’t really fit the reality of living in Taiwan for a foreigner. Also the discovery channel that gives you a look at Taiwan but from a tourist perspective.

If you get good ideas PM me


What happened to the bike?

Je l’ai vendu.


I liked the vids :slight_smile: Especiallly that you included some of the honeys on the track. And i noticed you saw that hot mama coming !!

Keep those vids coming. You could find a new career out of it? Travel show producer maybe? Maybe even graduate to the movies?? Quentin used to work at a video store and watched movies a lot.

To Tommy 525

The hot mama that you are talking about is Temple’s girlfriend. ha ha ha.
I guess he will be happy that you approve of the beauty of his girlfriend. (By the ways she is not a “mama” She just happened to walk behind a man with his child.)

I wanted to include her in the video but I didn’t have footage of her but that one.

I was just thinking of changing my name to “iix23 Taiwantino” What do you think?
If only it was as simple to find a name for the bike club.

Taiwaners international moto club. It’s like TAIWANese and foreignERS together. Really international.

Damn, coming with something so smart I feel like “Will Ferrell”

The hell with Will Ferrell. I got better. “Taiwinners” HOOO YEAH. I LIKE IT. And I have a project for a movie. It will be called “TISnight”

Actually, I might change my name to “Ron Burgundytaiwantino”

Temples gf?? Shes real sweet looking !! I thought she was the kids mom cuz she was following so close. I was thinking “man thats a YOUNG momma”

Taiwantino has a nice ring to it :slight_smile:

I thought the interview with the Japanese guy was pretty funny. He wanted to go back to Japan NOW cuz he came too late to even qualify and started at the back of the grid. But the translation for the chinese dude is incorrect. He didnt say 7 months, he said a few months (gee guh yueh ).
And he said that racing motos you get a feeling (quai kan … fast feel) that you dont get with other sports.

I LOVED the race girls. They are super hot (almost as hot as Temples GF , ) and they liked to showoff in front of the cams I noticed.

Sex sells , so be sure to put more race girls and more views of temple’s GF in next vids :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

To Tommy you are right about the translation. I uploaded the wrong one. (The one before my wife made the corrections.) (My Chinese is not so good.)

After 20 hours of editing and re-installing windows in my pc some confusion happened.

As for the Japanese guy he finished 3rd. He was a driver to hire and he was very disappointed with the ride the Taiwanese prepared for him. No matter where he qualified, he new where he would finish. (For having done the practice races with is competition.)

Ya he must be a pro to have come all the way from Japan. But they should have had him come earlier and practice with his ride in order to fine tune. And to start at the back of the grid and finish 3rd is pretty good I think? Especially on a ride thats not set up right for him?

The more pro you are the more the ride has to be set up right. Many years ago I worked for an Aussie guy in Taiwan who had been a pro moto racer with Yamaha.

But myself? The biggest thing I ever rode was a 200cc Vespa !!! And I only had a 50cc moped in TAiwan.

Truth is I am scared to ride a moto !! Too frickin dangerous!!

To Tommy

He (the Japanese guy) was here 2 weeks before. We passed our racing license together a week before. I think he rode with Temple a week before. (He introduced him to me.) I really think that he knew what he was doing.

I would like to tell you more but. (I have to protect my sources). When I get permission to release the footage I wil.

hey i was the one that filmed the hot girls… give me some credit… latin guy plus camera plus girls equal good video !!!

hey i have an idea for a video…
i think that Taiwan is one of the countries with more scooters in the world, and if u have never ever been in Taiwan there is no posibility that you can imagine how many scooters are here, or how terrible is the traffic of scooters at… 8:30 am at the entrance of the science park (as an example) it could be nice to film a couple of parking lots, like Geant or RT-Mart or places like that, or go to down town, film also some streets with traffic lights to get all the scooters in a normal day and normal hour, and also film a rush hour in different spots of the city, and some scooter shops, you can also talk about the fact that here the only thing that the scooters shops charge for is the replacements on the scooters, no service charged…

[quote=“tommy525”]I liked the vids :slight_smile: Especiallly that you included some of the honeys on the track. And i noticed you saw that hot mama coming !!
lol, my g/f will be happy to hear that. Thanks for the compliment! I told her she’s in charge of building our cheerleading team. Don’t think shes comfortable on camera tho.
I think we all woln’t mind having more hot racer chick footage next time too :slight_smile:
btw wheres the rest of the dancing? :smiley:

You guys want the rest of the dancing?

Give me an hour. I will give it to you.

[quote=“iix23”]Je l’ai vendu.


Pourquoi?..laisse faire…je viens de lire ton PM…ciao

Here you go girls dancing.
Say thank to Omeroj. He did the cam work on this. Ha ha ha
girls dancing at TIS

Actually I thought your vid with your music was more enjoyable. And it actually matched with the girls movements. :slight_smile: good job. And what was the name of that music?

Also those girls are cute but they are not pro dancers. They are pro at “looking hot and sexy” (like a lot of Taiwanese girls) but really amateur dancers.

But who cares if they can dance or not?? :slight_smile: THEY ARE HOT.

Actually you will have to forgive me on this but i think that they only look nice… not hot… my latin standards are still high for that “hot” definition… i am sorry if someone doesnt like my point, i also have to admit that girls here can be very very beautiful, cute killer faces and nice slim bodies, i would not mind getting involved with 1 or 2, but i am married …