Help! I'm planning on getting Kbro's PVR

Hi everyone,

I have normal cable TV at home but i’m planning to get Kbro’s PVR. I’ve been told it’s $350/mo. Does anyone know what i get with $350. Does that include all the HD channels (Nat Geo, History etc…). Do i also get high speed internet for this price(I already have internet at home 2mb down, my landlord pays for that).

Can anyone tell me their experience with Kbro? Is it better than MOD?

Please give me as much details as possible! Thx.

I just saw Kbro’s “new” HD channels and the 1080 stuff is a huge improvement over the 720 offering they had a year or so ago.

You won’t get internet for that price, no, and unlikely HD channels. The full TV package seems to be NT$500 a month with all the HD channels and the PVR service. … d98e4850bb

I dunno about the difference in quality, but loads of people have slated MOD’s quality.

I recently subscribed to KBRO’s PVR and I’m quite satisfied about the overall service (especially the customer services, it’s simply excellent. They send you right away a guy if you have any problems) except that they oblige you to subscribe to analog cable channels first (which is silly as you have the same channels on the PVR and the quality is not very good, especially on a 55").

The HD channels quality are very good (but kms away from a BRD) but the channels are (to me) not really interesting :

  • National Geographic : When Insomnia comes, it helps
  • HBO HD : Ok, nice channel, nice contents
  • History HD : Interesting once in a while, a lot of redif
  • ASN : Channel sports. Interesting if you are north american, it sucks if you are european (that is no football, no tennis, no rugby…etc)
  • Taiwan Baseball Channel, 24h of taiwanese baseball = :loco:

I don’t know if you will have internet or not with the package. Perso I pay internet (1300$ 20m/2m) monthly and the PVR every 6 months.