Help! I've lost face!

My Facebook has suddenly come up in Chinese. Why? I can’t read a word of it, so can’t change it that way. Plus I’m a total computer moron. Which means I don’t really know how to do anything but log in and google. Help!

Hmmm… that’s been happening to me the last couple of days too. If you go to the log-in screen, down in the bottom left of the screen you’ll see ‘Facebook c 2009’. You want to click on the Chinese characters just to the right of that and you can change the language to English.

Has anyone seen my temper?

Cheers mate. Gottit. Thx a lot!

Come on, guys. Who of us has really been looking for it ?

I thought I saw it promenading down the boulevard.

I’ve had facebook suddenly change to Spanish for no reason.