HELP! Lost keys shift lever on Toyota Surf

Yes… Yes, stupid me! Two years ago I lost one set of keys. The local dealer told me that they couldn’t not copy the sift lever key on my automaitic xmission Surf.

They told me to try local lock smiths. None of them was able to copy it.

Now the other key is lost! Please help!!! :fume: :bow:

Looks like you might have to replace the whole lock. :frowning:

Could you post a photo of the lock?

I might have a simple solution for you.

Then again I was at the beach in Da Xi a few years back waiting for a friend and his family to get off the train and a guy asked me if I could open his car because his keys were inside. I said sure and used a brick on the window.

The look on my friend’s face was priceless when he walked out of the train station the exact moment the guy’s window broke.

I also jacked a Biturbo Mazerratti with a flat head screwdriver…but that’s a different story.