Help! Lost Practical audio visual Chinese CD (Book 2)

I have lost my CD (Someone cleared it up while I was out) and wonder if anyone has the audio files or can link me to them for Practical Audio Visual Chinese 2. I listen to it every day!


I am usually in the Starbucks on Shi Da road having language exchange , or reading. If you bring your lap top you can download my disc, pm if you want to arrange a time.

Thank you for your offer but I didn’t make myself clear! I am in England at the moment or I would just buy the disc. It’s not available here and that is why I can’t!

Thanks again I do appreciate the offer.

PM me your email address.

This topic can be closed. Thanks forumosa!

If I could hijack this thread, I’m curious to know what you all do with those books once you’ve finished your classes. Maybe someone would like to send their used copies my way.

I revise through them! But I guess at some stage my Chinese will be too high level to go back through PAVC 1! I sold my old uni books and TEFL books on Ebay/Amazon though! The PAVC books go for a lot in the west (at least in the UK) no provision to buy them I think it was something like £60 last time I had a look! Maybe a business opportunity!