Help Me Find A Good Hotel In Taipei

Hey Forumosa Folks,

I will be arriving in Taipei middle of next month, and want to stay in a hotel while I check out my various leads for apartments.

Anybody here have good recommendations for a quality and cheap hotel in Tapei ?

Let me know, thanks !

  • Delonge182

What is your budget? How much are you willing to spend? What’s your definition of “quality”?

I guess anywhere from 30 US to 60 US dollars per day is fine, although I’d prefer something on the low range of that if possible.

I’m looking for somewhere decent to spend 10 days, with TV + Internet , and food nearby.

Comfortable is more important than quality. I just want to avoid a shady run down place.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations… is a pretty good site to book hotels through.

Of course, it might work out a lot cheaper and better to find a decent quality Motel here, as long as you don’t mind the “noisy” neighbours :wink:

Here is a good hotel but spendy. However, right behind this hotel is a subsidiary with a GREAT free breakfast and really nice facilities. Close to MRT (out front and 15 minutes from downtown Taipei Main Station. Closse to night market and other shopping). Plan on about 1400NT per night. … ounty.html
If you take a taxi or bus from the airport, direct them to Banciao, Fuzhong MRT station. You will see the hotel. Right behind it is a smaller “Forward Suites” My friends from the States stayed ther for a week on their last trip. The rooms were spacios and clean with great linens and services. They negotiated to 1400 NT per night. PM me if I can help further.

That’s about 45$US. Sounds like a good deal. :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the help guys, this is a great forum. I will go with the “Forward Suites”

This is one off Nanjing and DunHua that some of the hockey guys from down south sometimes stay at: … 9d72af229d

A little more than your budget, but I’ll put it up for reference for anyone else who may look at this thread. is the way to go. I found a friendly and inexpensive homestay with them, Kiri’s House I think it was called, central location, in Da-an district which is nice. Kiri speaks English too.