Help me network my PCs (server service wont start)

I’ve been trying to network my pcs for days.
(years actually, but now more than ever)

What I want: I want to be able to access the other pc’s DVD burner and get some stuff off this computer. Via a workgroup would be the easiest way.

What I’m using: USB Network Cable
(it can either be set as USB super link adapter or USB virtual network adapter) Both PCs are WinXP SP2.

What I can do: I can set it as USB super link adapter and transfer files to the other pc’s HDD, but only with the superlink program and only if the program is running on both PCs at the same time.

But that takes more time and is a pain in the butt. I want to be able to directly access the DVD burner on the other PC from this PC. So I set it to USB virtual network adapter. Then ran the network wizard.

What I can’t do: I can’t view any of the PC’s on the workgroup. It gives me this error.

What I’ve tried: I tried to enable sharing on drives and folders, but whenever I try, it says server service not started and then doesn’t share the drive or folder.
I then went into administrator tools services and tried to start the server service, but it gives this error.

(Computer browsing service cannot start because the server service won’t.)

Both PCs are giving the exact same errors or doing the exact same things.

I’m able to ping computername and ping IPaddress on both PCs with no problems.

Any ideas?

(yes I even disabled all firewalls)


Assume you did the basics right like giving the same workgroup names, etc.

It could be a user rights thing. Do you work as administrator on both computers?

Of course.

First ‘Forumosa’ post ever seems to have gone…???

Just meant to tell you that you should use a basic ethernet switch (a few hundred NT$ in any 3C shop). You are using a ‘Parallel’ or ‘Direct Cable’ connection that is not recognized by the services you are trying to use to reach your stated goal. Make sure that you connect your PCs through the switch (not a USB cable) and that your network bindings (your ‘Network Connections’ --> ‘Properties’ window) include ‘File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks’

Try a cross-over LAN cable, assign an IP address to each PC and you should be able to access the other PC, assuming you have given the appropiate rights. No need for a hub/switch AFAIK.