Help me! Stupid korean

Ok so I bought a laptop in Korea and it came with windows XP pro but in korean which is useless. So couple questions. Where can I get an english version and is my CD key good enough for a eng version on this laptop? Thanks

I bought an English version of XP at a shop on Bade Road close to the Guanghua Market.

And the key should be good.

Where do I have to go??? I went there and everyone said I had to buy a new copy… grrrr… does anyone have a specific place to go? Or can anyone lend me a copy, like I said I have my own key… so frustrating…

Microsoft said I had to buy a new copy… idiots… I could intall XP off an old disc I have but I’d rather stick to the legal license and get XP Pro.

email me if you can help me out.

So you want a new copy of XP and you’re surprised that the shops won’t just give you one?

You have Korean XP and you want English XP. These are two different programs. Buying one will not entitle you to a free version of the other. Pretty logical, it seems.

That said, you can purchase illegal copies of English XP Pro in the same area. They run around NT$500. But that would be illegal, right?