Help me Take my Dog to the US

Very very upset that my airline, China Southern Airlines, won’t let me take my dog unless I pay close to 2000$ US. I’ve been told I should have chosen China Airlines or Cathay Pacific and then it would be much cheaper.

I know it’s a long long shot, but if someone is going to the US in the next few weeks on either of the airlines above, maybe you’d consider chaperoning my dog. Of course I would pay for him and for your troubles. We could pay you 8k and I believe it will cost 5-10k for him.

This whole process is incredibly frustrating, if there are any kindhearted souls out there who want to help an animal and a rather tender-hearted dog owner, that would be wonderful.


I know this isn’t a solution, but more on the informative side.

When I flew a dog back with me to the U.S. (Louisiana), China Airlines charged $125. (The other airlines did not.) A four-figure charge seems absurd.

Just wanted to say this as to not discourage anyone from helping you if they’re able to.

EVA air charged me 6000nt each for two cats from Taipei to San Francisco. And this was in 1999.

My bf will be flying in June to Ohio. The ticket is not set yet. I am not sure how it works, we have to confirm the ticket by tomorrow.

Otherwise, I suggest you ask some animal organizations since I know they often send animals abroad for adoptions. One I know to do that is TUAPA in Taichung. Maybe they could help you?