Help.. need 3G in Taipei

Hi all,
I checked through the forum and found out that there’s already a 3G prepaid sim card available in Taiwan, from Vibo.
As i am coming to taipei this Sunday, I’m thinking of buying this… Wanna use it for news update during Computex through my 3G phone (winmobile).
Is it a good choice? since I’m going to be runin around TWTC and Nangang, I would like to know if anybody has tried it, and whether the connection is stable or not. I don’t need such big bandwidth though… just need to send emails, update blogs/twit, and probably send a couple of lo res pics.
If it’s any good, where can I buy this? Is it available at the airport or 7 11, or should I find Vibo’s counter?
Or maybe u guys have any other suggestions for my need?