~HELP! Need to find a mystery skate shop in Banciao!~

Hello all,

A few weeks ago, a friend and I went to an OUT OF BUSINESS shop in the Banciao area looking to buy some skateboards. When we arrived at the address, we learned it was out of business, but there was a phone number to contact, and when we called it, we were directed a few blocks away to an apartment building where the former owners lived. The husband and wife team were very eager to help us, and they gave us a GREAT deal on a couple complete boards that were apparently left over inventory. They said they had closed the shop when their children had decided to not go into the family skateshop business. However, just the next week, my board got hit by a bus and destroyed when I tripped up skating down the street :cry: and now I am in desperate need of a new deck. I know of the “Jimi” skateboard shop, but these people had great stuff, and I really would like to give them my business again. However, both my friend and I cannot find the shop or the street again!

If anyone knows the place I am talking about, I would GREATLY appreciate if you could give me the store name, phone number, or address. The only information I have is that both the closed shop and the apartment complex were located about 5(?) minutes away from Banciao station by scooter, on a large, busy, diveded road. I think the store number was 257. I know it’s vague, but if anyone has heard of this place (or can google the business in Chinese for me?), I would be really happy to find it again! :pray:

On a related note, I went to an AWESOME skatepark at a public sports complex near the Yongning end of the blue line. There was a fun little concrete area with kids and old people on rollerblades, and for 80 NT, some friends and I paid to get into the plywood paradise that was set up there. The park had an awesome layout, a fun 6 foot mini-pipe, and a huge full size pipe that I did not want to drop into without a helmet and pads. It was spectacular.

This sounds like the inline skate shop that also carried some boards across from the skate park just south of Banciao station. Actually, there are two but I haven’t noticed anybody going out of business but I don’t get by there every day anymore.
OK. Go to Banciao Station and go out the exit onto to WenWa Road. Go South to the next corner. Cross WenWa and turn right. You should see at least two board shops combined with inline stuff.
I may be totally off-base but I can’t recall seeing any other stores in this area that sell boards.

…and an Enigma solves a mystery… :bravo:

Thanks so much, I will definitely wander that direction to see what I can find. Can anyone else corroborate these places?


I went by those shops and it looks like their business is still going strong, but they were almost exclusively inline skate retailers. 1 of them had 1 cheapie skateboard for sale, though they did seem to have decent prices for safety gear. Knee/elbow/wrist combo for 500NT at one of them~