HELP NEEDED: information on working visa for Writing job


This is sort of an urgent inquiry and I was hoping someone might have some more information on this.

Today I was offered a writing job in Taipei.

Shortly thereafter I was told that I didn’t qualify for the job because my writing experience back home in Canada occurred before I received my Bachelor’s Degree.

I actually went to school and worked at the same time. I really want this job, I was just wondering if anyone knows about this policy, or has any more information on it. So far they have just said that it is government policy and that’s that, I’m hoping there is more to this story.

Thanks very much for any help.

You will need to get an exemption. They flat out don’t care about work before you had the diploma. I was able to get one since I had only 1.5 years experience. However I was already working abroad and it was an intra-company transfer. The company hiring you will probably need to consult the government and get a special document to make you exempt.

If the company will not go through the trouble to help, you are pretty SOL as I understand.

if you graduated more than 2 years ago, change the dates of your employment and write your own references.

That would work. Sometimes publishing companies are also associated with schools and can get you a visa through the school. Not entirely legit but I’ve never heard of a publisher being raided.

At one company I worked for a few years ago we hired a recent grad and she got here visa through a school.


Thanks for the responses.

I actually just graduated, so fudging anything really isn’t and option.

I worked a full time job while I finished my school part time so they both occurred at the same time…

Any more info on this exemption business? The employers are really quite nice, I think I just might need to point them in the right direction.

Thanks very much.

I was in a similar position - it seems that the visa-issuing authority is rather stringent about this requirement - it was made very clear at the interview: two years relevant working experience or in some cases, a master’s degree (depending on the field).

However in my case a solution did exist - marriage to a Taiwanese citizen - this way you have the right to work and employers can hire you without worrying about meeting this requirement. (Confused? So am I)

You need two years relevant experience, and it HAS to be post-grad. Very simple, really.

it is 2 years or a Masters Degree. This is a completely fair requirement. Every country has different standards for allowing foreigners to work. They only want us coming in for jobs that the locals cannot do.

Certain fields find exceptions easier.

If you go look down in the visa and work permit forum( where you should have posted this :slight_smile: ) you will see details of my adventure.

The thing my company needed was a “certificate of operating headquarters”.

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