Help needed with Visa to study Chinese

Hi Guys,

Hoping you can help, I will be arriving in Taiwan in February to study Chinese at NTNU MTC, I am a little confused with the Visa situation, I am a UK national and plan to study there for 1 year, however the way the terms work is you can only apply for 3 months at a time and then extend, British Nationals can extend the 90 day visa free visit to 180 days and after 4 months of studying in Taiwan I can apply for an ar, my question is how do I manage this as you need an exit plane ticket ready to leave Taiwan, has any other Brits had this issue?

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Many thanks

Hi Chup, another Brit here. I came to study my Master’s Degree, so my situation was slightly different. In order to convert to a Resident Visa (the one with an ARC) you first need a Visitor’s Visa (unless you are getting a Resident Visa from an employer for a job). So I first had to go to the Taipei Representative office and apply for my Visitor Visa, then convert it after 90 days in Taiwan.

With regards to the plain ticket issue. I booked a plane ticket to Hong Kong, then just rebooked the date at a later time till I went home to visit before returning for my second year (reentering then I didn’t have a problem because I had my ARC).

Hope this helps. Also, other members of the forum may have more knowledge about the Visa-Free Entry to Residency Visa than I do.