Help on dealing with your local cable supplier

I guess this is an old subject here in Taiwan. But my only English station–CNN–just got banished to the bottom of the heap at channel ‘93’. Here the quality is lousy, with plenty of fuzzy picture quality and interference. Besides ranting with the cable supplier & changing my cable company, anything else I can do.

Maybe, a petition to Mayor Ma from all disgruntled English-speakers–saying how un-international Taipei is??

Please whatever you do don’t involve the mayor. His solution will likely involve adding an NT$500 surcharge for foreign cable users to encourage cable companies to: 1.) add additional foreign language channels, 2.) to improve their English-language service, and 3.) get cab drivers to take you around the block one more time.

The mayor isn’t a friend.

If possible, change your cable company.

quote[quote] If possible, change your cable company [/quote]

Change your cable company to what. Teh cable comapnies in Taipei are all run by two groups of gangsters who amicably divide the districts between them, giving you absolutely no consumer choice.