Help on going to china

i’m just starting out research on going to china, and wouldn’t mind the wisdom of those who have gone before.

my trip will be for about 10 days, and i intend to fly to hong kong and take a train from there to china, then on traveling around by train. of course back to hk by train and fly out back to taiwan.

two things i’m not sure about, that a quick post from you might help:

  1. visa to go into china: i have 30 days here in taiwan, but i guess i would need a visa to enter china. how does that work? can i get it in hongkong?
  2. cheap flights: what is the cheapest flight to get to hong kong
  3. do you think going through a travel agent will simplify things. else, what are the steps i can take if not going through the travel agent?

any advice is appreciated.

The wisdom of those who have gone before is available in the posts that have gone before (but are still very easy to browse/search for in the travel forum).

Tips on your questions are here;
Visiting China from Taiwan
[Visiting China from Taiwan
Mainland China Visas
[Mainland China Visas
Multiple entry F visa to China from HK (a bit urgent, thanks
[Multiple entry F visa to China from HK (a bit urgent, thanks

[quote=“mymarkov”]…a quick post from you might help.[/quote]Browsing the forum yourself is even quicker than waiting for another quick post from people who posted the information you need only two weeks ago.

thanks for your sensible albeit snide manner. yes, i should have checked. in any case, the links are useful.