HELP PLEASE: Chinese Passport/US Greencard visit Taiwan?

I have a Chinese passport and US greencard residency. I want to visit Taiwan from China. Is that possible? What are the ways to get there? I don’t want to go through a tour group. However, I heard I have to fly to HK to TW. Does anyone know any other information?

Far as I know. Having a US greencard only applies to the USA and Taiwan will only look at your Chinese passport and the regulations thereof. Which far as I know means you can only visit as a tourist as part of a group of five members (used to be 10). But I heard they are going to drop this requirement in the near future. So that individuals with a PRC passport can visit Taiwan as a tourist as long as they apply for and receive a visa first. There still is no talk of a landing visa.

Unless you have a close relative in Taiwan, I’m pretty sure that at present the only way for you to visit would be as part of a tour group. You can check the regulations.