Help please for a lonely guy

Hi there, this might sound a bit odd and unusual :help: …I am a Taiwanese guy and am really really interested in going out with a Caucasian girl since i was very young, in fact, i am only interested in Caucasian girls… :loco: however, I have no idea about how to go about it and to be exact dont know how to even approach one…
Anyone out there who can shine some lights and provide me any helps or advices would be REALLY REALLY appreciated.
Thanks and regards

Hold a bottle up. Shake it a little and say real slow, “Whiiiskeyyyy.”

I don’t think it’s that odd, I have seen several Taiwanese male/foreign woman couples, there are some on these forums I believe, But the other way around is more common. I’m sure it’s been discussed in here somewhere.

There are several foreign women on here wanting to meet a nice man, So maybe you can tell us a little about yourself. Who knows, maybe you will get a few messages ? :wink:

And welcome for Forumosa :notworthy: I hope you enjoy your stay.

The bar DV8 used to sort of be the place for Taiwanese men who were interested in foreign women. Not so sure if it is still like that these days.

Thanx guys, i will try to answer each of the replies as i am still new to this forum and struggling to find my way around (that was quick btw)

  1. Whiiiskeyyyy is one of my favour drinks and i only sound like that if i am in “walking in heaven” after lots of drinks… :laughing:

  2. I agree that there are more foreign guys going out with taiwanese girls, is it a fair comment to say that maybe tw girls might be more willing to adapt to another culture yet it could be a bit difficult for foreign girls to adapt to a asian culture or any other cultures? its just one of my thoughts…

  3. Where is DV8? i also saw another place posted here called Roxy 99, r they in taipei?


Try hooking up with all of the girls on places like Forumosa whining about how they can’t get a boyfriend. :smiling_imp:

I saw this post when it was first posted and thought, the guy needs a list to to do/ not to do…one being “do not post your fetish for caucasion women on a public board.”

This i why…:slight_smile:

whisssskey! :bravo:

I’m sure it goes downhill from here on. lol

To bcc20_74,

Welcome, welcome!

Please take a look at this:

[url]Does "the wang" really rule?

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geez 914…don’t scare him off!

Now he’s gonna have one more thing to worry about!

DV8 has had a rough go at it recently. There was a thread about them a couple months back. Don’t know about the scene there now.


Your English is really good for a Taiwanese person. :astonished:

Were you born and raised in the west? In other words, are you really Taiwanese Taiwanese?

More info about yourself might help you get one here. :bouncy:

I don’t see why not. It’s as good a place as any for pursuing his eminently reasonable quest. Surely there are eligible ladies here who might be inclined to respond with at least a PM or two, non?

bcc20_74, let me re-translate some of our esteemed friend’s words of advice for you. :blush:

Firstly, there are some western (caucasian and non) who are interested in dating local guys. You will find some here in You’ll also find them outside taking language courses at Shi-Da or Tai-Da.

Secondly, come to the Forumosa Happy Hour, next one on Feb 20th at The Tavern (located at the corner of HsinYi and Keelung Rds) and meet some. I think one of the ways to meet someone is to know the people or be a part of the social circle that these western women may travel in.

Thirdly, say hello and have a nice pleasant personality.

Other than that, we’ll have to wait for some of these women to speak up here.

Welcome to and the D&R Forum!


I don’t see why not. It’s as good a place as any for pursuing his eminently reasonable quest. Surely there are eligible ladies here who might be inclined to respond with at least a PM or two, non?[/quote]

Well, I was only trying to head off some nasty and or mean replies that may result from the OP.

If a caucasion guy came in posting “I’ve always had a thing for Chinese girls. How can I meet one?” What would the result be? :slight_smile:

Just trying to help the guy out. :slight_smile:

Oh, about 10% of the postings on Forumosa.

Good question. He will be called a bien-tai or a se-lang. So, I guess it’s only fair that bcc to be treated the same? Hmmmmm…guestion of the day. :bouncy:

Just trying to help the guy out. :slight_smile:[/quote]

Yeah, let’s try and keep the other kinds of commentary to a minimum.


This is too easy. :smiley:

Thanx again ppl…well, for a start, I am a local born and raised taiwanese guy, and did education overseas…

The reason me posting specifically “Caucasians” girls was to see what kind of thoughts or experiences from other ppl who might be in the same shoes as me (ie local guys and have had some “success” or interest in dating foreign girls if i may say and PLEASE dont get me wrong, am not a pervert or bien-tai, or se-lang and not try to offend any girls reading those postings :rainbow: ) and have some stories or advices to share, and maybe to draw out a bit of attention from anyone visiting this forum i guess. and it appears that the replies are all from guys…yes??, maybe girls are being scared away due to the comments/subjects i have made. i hope not!! and apology to anyone who might be “offended”

As i have read through some other postings in this forum, it appears to me (correct me if i am wrong), the girls who are either dating local guys or have married to one can all speak mandarin?? it always puzzles me what languages they communicate to each other. :laughing:
And, this might sound stupid and naive…what kind of things or personalities do girls look for?? this sounds that i am asking for a relationship therapy here hehhh!

914:…this is quite an interesting reading…well, my comment to this is: size does matter…but not all the time :unamused: :>