Help pleeeeze... I scr*wed up big time!

I messed up tonight. and pretty good! Today one of my students gave me a CD for Dr. eye. I got home, installed it using the registration number listed as per his instructions. Once I had loaded and booted the computer I went into the program and registered. A screen came up telling me “sorry, this registration number is already used”. OK, so I decide to just skip registration. No biggie, right? WRONG. I cannot access the program at all now.

The next step was to remove the program. Whoops! It cannot be uninstalled! Now what do I do? Any computer geniuses out there? I am definitely NOT very computer savy and at the moment extremely perturbed! I’d appreciate any help I can get!

Oh yes… can’t get to my student either as he is now headed out of country on business for an indefinite period of time! Augghhhh!

Try this in google.

dr. eye serial


Well, there is a brute force way to remove the program, and that is to delete all the files associated with this program from your hard-drive, including the .ini files in the Windows directory and various sub-folders, and also all associated entries in the Windows registry file (run regedit in DOS windows). There are also the library files (.dll), but I usually leave them there because I don’t think they’ll do anything other than take up disk space.

I would recommend that you let someone who knows what they’re doing to fiddle around with all this, and before you do anything with the registry, BACK-UP all your important stuff (which you should be doing regularly, BTW).

Good luck.

That’s what happens when you pirate stuff. Just buy the damn thing :unamused:
Who’s teaching this student right and wrong ?
Couldn’t you ask this in some warez forum ?

Silly me :blush: This is Taiwan, ignore that then.

A little late now, but I’ve taken to using Norton Ghost to back up my main drive partition before installing anything new. That way, if the new software causes problems, I have a clean backup from immediately before. (Just keep your software partition as small as possible, and store your data on other drives.)

Ghost comes free with many other products (I got it included with a motherboard), and is probably on those cheap (and legal, BFM) CDs at computer shops by now.